Tower Coverage is a third-party service designed from the ground up for Wireless Internet Service Providers, Fiber Providers, and Cable Providers, designed to create a dynamic coverage map based on the Network Site and Network Footprint information you provide.

Based on your coverage needs, Tower Coverage can display certain map features that will help optimize your organization. For example, they are able to help your ISP with automatic messaging to your sales and marketing team to see who could be your next potential customers.

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Infrastructure Investment: Building Smarter

Consider a scenario where an ISP is looking to expand its network into a new region. Without Tower Coverage, they might rely on demographic data and rough estimates to determine where to focus their efforts. This could result in building towers in areas with low population density or existing coverage, wasting valuable resources.

With Tower Coverage, however, the ISP gains a granular understanding of the landscape. They can identify pockets of high demand that are currently underserved, pinpoint areas where existing towers could be upgraded for better performance, and avoid costly overbuild in saturated markets. This targeted approach not only minimizes unnecessary expenses but also maximizes the reach of new services, ensuring that each investment delivers the highest possible return.

Pricing Strategies: Optimizing for Profitability

Tower Coverage equips ISPs with the data needed to strike the perfect balance, optimizing pricing for both profitability and customer acquisition. ISPs can develop nuanced pricing strategies tailored to each unique market segment. They can offer tiered packages that cater to different budgets and needs, implement usage-based pricing models to incentivize higher consumption, or even offer discounts for early adopters in new service areas. This level of granularity ensures that pricing is not only competitive but also aligned with the specific value proposition that each customer segment seeks.

Tower Coverage factors in the competitive landscape, identifying areas with weak or no coverage from rival ISPs. This reveals opportunities to capture market share with attractive introductory offers or targeted marketing campaigns. Conversely, in areas with strong competition, data-driven pricing can help differentiate services and avoid price wars that erode profit margins.

Streamlining Operations

Lead Qualification: With Tower Coverage integrated into your existing systems, the process becomes automated and precise. When a potential customer inquires about service, the system can instantly assess their location against the Tower Coverage data. This not only saves time but also ensures accurate information about service availability, leading to better-qualified leads and higher conversion rates.

Customer Support: Addressing customer concerns about coverage issues can be challenging without comprehensive data. Tower Coverage provides a visual representation of coverage areas, making it easy for support teams to pinpoint problems. They can quickly determine if a customer’s location is within the expected coverage zone, identify potential interference sources, and offer tailored solutions, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and reducing churn.

Marketing and Sales: These maps offer potential customers a clear picture of where service is available, building trust and demonstrating transparency. Furthermore, sales teams can use these maps to confidently target specific areas with promotional campaigns, knowing they are focusing on viable markets.

Tower Coverage within Sonar

Using Tower Coverage in Sonar simplifies the customer signup process by embedding a signup sheet on a webpage of your choice, capturing the customer’s location information, checking it against your coverage map, and providing you with a corresponding lead. As a result of implementing Tower Coverage and using it effectively, you’ll be able to partially automate the lead generation process, the customer intake process, and the address qualification process within Sonar.

Here is what the serviceable address will look like in a Sonar instance:

Tower Coverage simplifies the customer signup process by partially automating the lead generation process, the customer intake process, and the address qualification process within Sonar.

See how it works in this short video: 

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