Tower Coverage is a third-party service designed from the ground up for Wireless Internet Service Providers, Fiber Providers, and Cable Providers, designed to create a dynamic coverage map based on the Network Site and Network Footprint information you provide.

Based on your coverage needs, Tower Coverage can display certain map features that will help optimize your organization. For example, they are able to help your ISP with automatic messaging to your sales and marketing team to see who could be your next potential customers.

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Tower Coverage within Sonar

Using Tower Coverage in Sonar simplifies the customer signup process by embedding a signup sheet on a webpage of your choice, capturing the customer’s location information, checking it against your coverage map, and providing you with a corresponding lead. As a result of implementing Tower Coverage and using it effectively, you’ll be able to partially automate the lead generation process, the customer intake process, and the address qualification process within Sonar.

Your ISP  will be able to link Tower Coverage into accounts. Having valid and correct sites, the information Tower Coverage delivers to you based on customer submissions would be correct and complete. 

You will have the ability to add new sites, new coverages and multi maps. Your ISP can use Tower Coverage to store leads and receive coverage information. The information from Tower Coverage (including Name, Address, and Coverage details) is sent to your Sonar instance via the GraphQL API.

Here is what your accounts would look like when you receive leads through Sonar:

The Serviceable address button allows you to create a new Serviceable Address in your Sonar instance to serve this potential lead. When Tower Coverage sends a lead into Sonar, you can view network coverage and signal strength for the customer’s location by clicking on their Serviceable Address once it’s been linked. This will help you manage your received leads.  

Here is what the serviceable address will look like in a Sonar instance:

Tower Coverage simplifies the customer signup process by partially automating the lead generation process, the customer intake process, and the address qualification process within Sonar.

See how it works in this short video: 

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