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Sonar Welcomes Cameron Barragan as New Interim CEO; Simon Westlake as CTO

FRISCO, Texas, June 1st, 2023 — Sonar is excited to welcome Cameron Barragan as the new interim Chief Executive Officer of Sonar Software. Effective immediately Simon Westlake will assume the role of Chief Technology Officer. The leadership transition marks an important change for Sonar as the company continues to support and grow their OSS/BSS solution for ISPs. Simon Westlake [...]

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The Sonar team was in Nashville, Tennessee last week exhibiting at the 2023 FISPA conference. It brought many executives, network operators, and businesses from across the country together to learn more about enhancing skills in the fiber industry. This was a great opportunity for networking, deal-making, and educational sessions.  Independent broadband and fiber operators got to connect with service [...]

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The Sonar team was in Louisville, Kentucky from March 6th - 9th exhibiting at the 2023 WISPAMERICA conference. It brought over 1,500 people together to connect about the evolving telecommunications industry. There were many educational and networking sessions regarding the most up-to-date technology concerning ISPs. We had an amazing time on the show floor, attending sessions and speaking at [...]

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Sonar’s Annual Hackathon 2023

We recently hosted our annual Sonar Hackathon, which allows our developers to compete and turn their ideas into experiments, explore new features, and solve problems. Besides improving Sonar's product and providing smoother customer experiences, internal hackathons are beneficial for short-term collaborations as they spur innovation and foster teamwork.  The Sonar Hackathon is a fun team-building exercise where the development [...]

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Blue Star Innovation Partners Announces Investment in Sonar Software

FRISCO, Texas, December 23, 2022 - Blue Star Innovation Partners ("BSIP"), a growth focused investment firm that partners with leading software and payments companies, announced today their investment in Sonar Software, a leading provider of BSS & OSS solutions for Internet Service Providers. "We view Sonar as a leader in the telecommunications technology market and believe there are attractive [...]

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Sean Green Joins Sonar Software as New Chief Commercial Officer

FRISCO, Texas, Aug. 23, 2022 -- Sonar Software Inc., a leading provider of BSS & OSS solutions for Internet Service Providers, announced today that Sean Green has joined the Sonar executive leadership team as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). This addition is part of Sonar’s strategic focus to serve the global communications technology market, as Sonar has seen increased [...]

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Business Intelligence Reporting in Sonar, Official Release!

Small and medium-sized ISPs have access to tons of data they could put to good use to improve business decisions. The problem is that most ISPs are manually pulling data into spreadsheets, building custom calculations and then exporting the data into pivot tables for analysis. While this method may have served its purpose previously, it is flawed. It [...]

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Sonar & COVID-19

COVID-19: How Sonar is helping our partners In this time of uncertainty, the service that you, our ISP partners provide, has become paramount to the international effort to slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We at Sonar recognize your networks will be stretched to capacity as more employees are asked to work from home, students transition to [...]

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COVID-19 announcement

COVID-19 Announcement As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread within North America, Sonar Software Inc. has made the decision to temporarily suspend all non-essential employee travel. Our primary concern is to protect the health and safety of our employees, customer partners, and their families by limiting possible exposure and doing our part to help prevent further spread of [...]

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CEO Simon Westlake on The BrothersWISP

Check out the interview with our CEO Simon Westlake on The BrothersWISP where he shares Sonar’s vision of partnering to make business simple, the new features of our fully reimagined software and how we are investing in helping our customers grow their business. Watch the interview on Youtube

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