Advanced network monitoring and automated provisioning for WISPs

Advanced network monitoring tools and automated provisioning for Wireless Internet Service Providers. Experience intelligent automation, better billing software, and faster WISP provisioning.

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A unified way to manage and troubleshoot network issues

Track customer data usage automatically and protect your network against spikes in traffic. When equipment is deployed, provisioning events can be triggered automatically to monitor latency, packet loss, bandwidth usage, and more.

Simplify tier 1 and tier 2 troubleshooting outcomes based on the simplicity of the sonar interface and visualize connected device relationships and hierarchies between CPE access points, network site switches, and backhaul infrastructure.

  • Prevent network abuse and keep your WISP network secure
  • Automatically upgrade and downgrade speeds
  • Prevent bandwidth saturation by enforcing speed policies during peak hours

Consolidate your CSR’s workflows and increase ticket response times

Give your customer support team the tools to simplify customer interactions and avoid unnecessary triaging or ownership confusion. With a single pane view, your tier 1 and tier 2 support teams can reduce escalations, resolve tickets faster, and dynamically link tickets to the subscriber account with automatic alerts for unclaimed tickets.

  • Automate all ticket routing functions based on the category of requests
  • Real-time visualization of network sites downstream customer interfaces
  • Identify and diagnose issues before they arise
  • Create customized invoice reminders and field service appointment confirmations

Grow on your terms with fast flexible billing & payments

Sonar makes getting paid easy for WISPs by automatically calculating billing due dates, transaction amounts, prorated amounts, invoice generation, late fee calculations, and account delinquency.

  • Automatically bill, generate invoices, and receive payments
  • Automate delinquency turndown and late fees
  • Branded customer self-service portal
  • Customize payment reminders and late notices through every invoicing milestone