See more, offer more.

With Sonar, fiber providers get quicker troubleshooting, greater flexibility, and next-level provisioning. And that’s good news for your customers.

Delivering real-time results

With rising operating costs in today’s multi-vendor, multi-technology environment, it’s imperative to diagnose issues quickly. Our API helps you do exactly that – connecting seamlessly with your favorite mapping software to give a live visualization of your entire network.

We’ll empower your tier one support teams to do more, giving them real-time, fingertip access to all your key data. And with automated customer care processes, you can rapidly restore service before your customers even know problems are afoot.

More options, fewer headaches

Customer expectations are higher than ever. In a market with so many consumer options, fiber providers need to get flexible in order to stay competitive. The problem is, legacy software and flexibility don’t always go hand-in-hand. So, how to retain subscribers?

Sonar’s highly-adaptable platform lets you offer customers a variety of services and bundles, tailoring packages to their needs. No need for multiple billing softwares, no more manual provisioning, and no more replicating customer data.

Give customers control

Customers today want 24/7 access to services, support, and information. That can easily overwhelm a growing business, wreaking havoc on limited resources. In no time at all, delinquent accounts and simple package upgrades can turn into backed-up support tickets and lost revenue.

Sonar’s customer portal helps lighten the load. Give your customers the power to serve themselves: paying overdue invoices, updating payment information, and viewing data usage.

Unpack Sonar’s features

At Sonar, we knew the majority of ISPs were heavily dependent on archaic software as there were few modern solutions that understood the complexities of running a successful and fully scalable ISP. Guided by decades of experience and innovation, Sonar offers the industry’s most powerful management platform with rich features that are mission-critical to the daily work of ISPs.

Make Sonar your own

Our API allows you to sculpt Sonar to fit your needs. The GraphQL interface empowers you to integrate external systems at will. We also offer a selection of webhooks, meaning you can trigger external systems based on events inside Sonar.

  • Adaptable
  • Comprehensive
  • Developer-friendly
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