Built to meet the needs of your growing Enterprise.

Sonar is a fully customizable solution to help your organization simplify complex workflows, eliminate tedious processes, and future proof your profits using the most advanced technology available to ISPs.

Experience rapid growth with Business Intelligence

Despite changing economic conditions, government regulations, and competition on the rise, there has never been a better time for today’s Enterprise to optimize their business using Business Intelligence (BI). BI visualization tools give you fingertip access to fast-moving data sets so you can quickly adapt to market changes and rapidly scale your ISP.

Sonar’s Embedded Business Intelligence Reporting empowers Enterprise for next-level growth. Drive operational efficiencies, leverage cost savings, and improve the bottom line through digital transformation and real-time data insights.

Discover how Sonar’s powerful BI will give you a competitive edge, so you never miss another opportunity.

The future of growth starts here

Most ISPs rely on many different software to manage all aspects of their growing business, leaving a huge disparity between collecting vast amounts of data and proper analysis, ultimately leading to profit erosion and a decrease in customer retention.

With Sonar’s connected data, you can track and segment your data, your way! Our Business Intelligence Reporting enables your team, board of directors, and investors with accurate data that translates into a wealth of information. With multiple endpoints relating to cross-functional departments, you can empower your team with data-centric knowledge that leads to actionable insights for increased revenue, operational efficiency, and profitability.

Get a clear view of your CapEx and ROI

With rapid technology advancements and an ever-changing business landscape, not only is modernization imperative to stay relevant, but it is also required when expanding your network and geographic footprint.

Customer insight is the key to competitive advantage, and without historical and forecasted data, it will become more challenging to provide a satisfying customer experience and prevent churn.

With Sonar's Embedded Business Intelligence Reporting, you can leverage your data in real-time, closely follow trends that lead to opportunity, and quickly identify customers' needs to enhance their overall experience.

Do more with the power of Sonar

Business simplification is a strategic imperative for today’s enterprise. With heightened customer demands and rapidly changing technology, meeting the growing demands of enterprise can become burdensome.

Just as no two businesses are exactly alike, neither are the solutions needed to solve complex workflows. That’s why we use fully customizable solutions that match the way our customers do business. We automate, and we innovate. The end result is enhanced efficiency and higher profitability.

Unpack Sonar’s features

At Sonar, we knew the majority of ISPs were heavily dependent on archaic software as there were few modern solutions that understood the complexities of running a successful and fully scalable ISP. Guided by decades of experience and innovation, Sonar offers the industry’s most powerful management platform with rich features that are mission-critical to the daily work of ISPs.

Make Sonar your own

Our API allows you to sculpt Sonar to fit your needs. The GraphQL interface empowers you to integrate external systems at will. We also offer a selection of webhooks, meaning you can trigger external systems based on events inside Sonar.

  • Adaptable
  • Comprehensive
  • Developer-friendly
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