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Scalable, intuitive, and comprehensive. Learn why hundreds of ISPs worldwide trust Sonar.



With our massively scalable architecture, we can handle your needs - no matter if you have 100 subscribers, or 1 million.



Standards based and vendor specific provisioning gives you a huge toolbox to automate your service deployment.



Our JSON based REST API, built with a focus on consistency and simplicity, makes the possibilities endless.

Modern foundation.

Constructed using the latest technology, Sonar operates equally well in the office and on the road. Optimized for all your devices - from desktops to smartphones - getting work done is a breeze, no matter where you are.

With our fully real time interface, any changes made by any staff member are immediately reflected for all other employees, whether they're sitting in the office, or on site with a customer.

Have a desire to integrate Sonar with your current applications? No problem. With our comprehensive and modern REST API, the only limit is your imagination.

Works on any device

More than the sum of its parts.

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Billing, done right.

The Sonar billing engine offers flexible and powerful billing, backed by proper accounting practices. With support for multi-month billing, automatic proration, geographical taxation, service packaging, general ledger codes, and parent/child account relationships, we've got the features to cover any requirements you may have.

Sonar also offers numerous additional services to make your life easier - automatic payments via credit card and bank account, PayPal support, automated usage based billing, and integrated invoice printing via our partner, MailXStream.

Our in depth financial reporting tools also offer you deep analysis of your financial situation. Aged receivables, average revenue per user, payment details, tax collection, and much, much more is all available at your fingertips.

Integrated CRM.

Our CRM offers significant flexibility, with the ability to group customers arbitrarily, set custom types and statuses, and create reportable custom data fields. Emails can be sent to your entire customer base, or just a subset, grouped by service, status, type, and many other criteria. You can also define emails that are sent out automatically when certain triggers are hit - for example, when a customer reaches 90% of their data usage allowance, or an installation is scheduled for their home or business.

Finding your data is easy with the Sonar real time search tool. Search through all your data in real time - names, addresses, phone numbers, email, IP addresses, MAC addresses, tickets - it's all available.

The CRM enables powerful automation and data connection. Start a call log with a customer, transition it into a trouble ticket, and then schedule field work from the ticket contents. Collect an electronic signature from the customer while the tech is on site, and store the agreement on their account.

It's easy to expand the value of your data with our variety of third party integrations. Automate marketing campaigns through Market Broadband. Easily collect leads using And thanks to our full REST API, custom integrations are a cinch.

No pen required.

Our CRM also supports integrated electronic contracts. Customer signatures can be collected via a web browser, tablet, or smart phone - remotely, or on site. Customers can review all their contracts through the Sonar customer portal, and you can review all your contract expirations through the Sonar administrative interface.

Contracts can be as simple or complex as you like. By utilizing various automatically replaced variables, you can include the customer name, date, a list of services, and much more.

If you need to collect a customer signature for any reason, the Sonar electronic contract module is here to save the day.

Empower your customers.

Sonar offers a modern, responsive customer portal that functions equally well on a desktop, smart phone, or tablet. Our approach to the portal is unique - we've built a completely open source customer portal that we give away for free. Embed it into your site, run it as a standalone application, or customize it and truly make it your own - it's up to you.

Out of the box, it allows for online payments and invoice review, data usage review (and the purchase of additional data, if you offer usage based billing), contract review, and ticket management. There are a variety of simple customizations available out of the box - set your company logo, add some custom messaging, and enable or disable the features you need.

However, if you want to start customizing, the possibilities are endless. The customer portal is simply an interface to the Sonar API, so any function available in Sonar can be made available to your customers. Don't get stuck with inflexible portals that don't reflect your company image or needs.

Ticketing, handled.

Customer tickets are easily handled. Create tickets from inbound email automatically, and reply to your customers from within Sonar. With support for customized signatures, canned replies, custom filters, due dates, and tasks, it's easy to quickly and effectively get issues handled.

Sonar also supports creating internal tickets for any event you need - planned maintenance, unplanned outages, and more. What's more, you can link customer tickets to internal tickets to track impact. Once the internal ticket is closed, you can automatically close all customer tickets, or send all your customers an update on the resolution with a single click.

Like every other module in Sonar, ticketing is integrated with the rest of the system. Call logs can be escalated to tickets, and tickets can link to service calls for field resolution. Easily add tasks to tickets to manage complex projects, and our powerful ticket reporting lets you keep a close eye on your metrics.

Inventory made easy.

Tracking the lifecycle of your inventory is simple with Sonar. Items are easily moved from the warehouse, to an installation vehicle, to the customer premise, and back. Define as many attributes as you need for each item - MAC addresses, serial numbers, IMSIs, and more.

Our inventory module is built for efficiency. It's optimized for use with barcode scanners, to make scanning inventory in and out a snap. The powerful real time search system in Sonar extends to the inventory module - you can quickly filter down all the devices made by a specific manufacturer in a certain warehouse, view all failed items, deployed items, or any combination of tracked attributes.

What's more, the inventory system is directly integrated with provisioning and monitoring, so deploying any networking equipment can automatically trigger provisioning events and setup automated monitoring of latency, packet loss, bandwidth usage, and more.

Flexible, powerful scheduling.

Optimized for use in the field, our scheduling system is designed to make your life easier. No more printed work orders needed - all tasks can be completed from a smart phone, tablet, or laptop. The easy to use interface allows for simple check in and completion of work in the field, while empowering office staff to see where your technicians are, the status of their jobs, and schedule new work quickly and effectively.

Once the field work is complete, Sonar takes over. Easily define triggered events upon job completion - add an installation fee, activate the account and generate an initial invoice, create a ticket, and more.

Powerful provisioning.

We're all about flexibility. With support for standards based options like RADIUS and DHCP, and direct integrations with vendors like Sandvine, Saisei, MikroTik, Telrad, and more, we enable you to run and provision your network the way that makes the most sense to you.

Sonar is fully IPv4 and IPv6 compatible, and any of the supported provisioning methods can be run in tandem with each other. Want to use RADIUS backed PPPoE on one half of your network, and DHCP and Sandvine on the other? No problem.

Our provisioning system is fully automated. Customer speeds are updated the instant their service plan is changed. Service can be suspended or sent to a captive portal when a customer is delinquent on their bill. Once the customer logs in and pays, the suspension is automatically lifted, drastically reducing your support calls.

Mega monitoring.

Sonar empowers your support staff by automatically collecting performance statistics from any SNMP capable device, the second it's deployed. The statistics are linked to the customer account, and made available to your employees through the Sonar CRM.

Sonar can track latency, packet loss and jitter statistics, any SNMP based statistic, and interface information, on a rapid 60 second polling cycle.

Our monitoring solution also extends to your network. Define thresholds for each device type, and setup simple or complex on call rotations for your staff. Send out notifications of events via email and SMS, and use the powerful Sonar network monitoring dashboard to track events, see flapping devices, respond to outages, and more.

Marvelous mapping.

Our performant mapping module gives you the ability to visualize your business geographically, at any scale. Stop struggling with maps that can't keep up with your growth - the Sonar mapping module can handle hundreds of thousands of points, constantly updated in real time.

Powerful filters are available to you, to pinpoint customers by group, status, type, city, address, name, and more. Your network infrastructure, inventory locations, and vehicle fleet are also visualized on the map, and you can export all visualized data for external use.

Expansive API.

The Sonar API is a comprehensive and powerful REST interface that allows you to integrate any external systems into Sonar that you need. Sonar also offers a selection of webhooks to allow you to trigger external systems based on events inside Sonar.

Our API isn't an afterthought. All of the modules and systems inside Sonar are exposed via the API, even our real time search engine. The bigger your business, the more customization you need, and the Sonar API offers you an unparalleled path to success.

Visualize your network with Pulse.

Pulse is a powerful and intelligent Sonar module that automatically learns the topology and state of your network using the data in your Sonar instance and network polling. Best of all, it's included in your Sonar subscription for no additional cost.

Your field technicians get accurate maps of the network physical layout - no need to update cumbersome, manual diagrams.
Your network operations center gets a real time, global look at the topology and health of the network.
Your back office staff can quickly pinpoint the subscribers affected by an outage and compose a mass email to them, rapidly deduce when a customer aggregation device is becoming overloaded, and step through the network one interface at a time when troubleshooting customer issues.
Watch the Sonar Pulse cast to see it in action!

Let us do the heavy lifting.


Eliminate the pain of resource monitoring, scaling, and application optimization. We've got it handled.


Your data is streamed in real time to redundant, encrypted locations.


We take security very seriously. Let us handle software patches, updates, and firewalls, so you can rest easy, knowing your data is protected.

The Sonar cloud is secure, offers IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity, and is backed up in real time to redundant, encrypted locations.

You can still utilize your own domain name for access, firewall your instance to only allow access from your corporate network, and automatically backup all your data to your personal offsite location. All the benefits of the cloud, with none of the drawbacks.

We're here to help.

We're serious about documentation and training. Each section of Sonar has comprehensive, built in documentation, made contextually available to you as you navigate the system. It's always up to date - just one click, and you've got the information you need. If you're a developer, don't forget about our API and webhook documentation as well.

We also offer Sonar Casts, a massive set of online videos, which are frequently updated to cover new sections of Sonar, as well as technical training on integrated products. If you just need to talk to someone, we're here for that, too.