Eliminate blindspots with proactive monitoring & intelligent alerts

Sonar’s network monitoring tool offers a unified way to manage, configure, and monitor your network before issues arise. Avoid unplanned downtime, and reduce support tickets. Notify subscribers of service interruptions, schedule upcoming maintenance, or track problematic network sites

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Manage your entire network from one centralized location

Our network monitoring solution gives your team the power of efficiency. Define thresholds, set up on-call rotations for staff, and send out notifications of events via email and SMS. From the monitoring dashboard track events, see flapping devices, respond to outages, and more.

  • Syncs with Sonar’s CRM to keep support staff in the loop 24/7
  • Track ICMP & SNMP-based statistics on a rapid 60-second polling cycle, from latency to jitter stats
  • Network monitoring information can also be easily accessed via your support team’s dashboard

Visualize your entire network in real-time

See all your infrastructure, inventory locations, and vehicle fleet all on one screen. Manage it all from within Sonar, or export your data for external use. With auto-generated topology mapping, Sonar allows you to discover and map relationships between critical infrastructure resources and their dependencies.

  • Collect data about packet loss and latency of devices with ICMP
  • Visualize the ground elevation between your customer’s serviceable address and network
  • Prevent downtime by identifying future bandwidth issues and performance
  • Gather data from devices with SNMP polling or be alerted of events via SNMP traps
  • Monitor account status, device status, ticket status, and more!

Troubleshooting and incident response made easy

Efficiently respond to incidents and troubleshoot problems by monitoring the health and performance of your entire network infrastructure on one secure platform.

Accelerate the resolution of network outages and increase the consistency and accuracy associated with solving network problems with end-to-end visibility and analytics of network infrastructure.

  • Streamline your network troubleshooting and swiftly discover the root cause of performance-impacting issues with alerting rotations
  • Respond efficiently to specific customers affected by an outage through individualized tickets
  • Reduce support tickets and communicate network incidents or planned outages with our mass communication tool

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