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Navigating Inflation: Strategies to Optimize Your Marketing Budget and Maximize ROI

Inflation can significantly impact marketing budgets, making it crucial for Internet Service Providers to adapt their strategies to maximize return on investment (ROI). This webinar aims to provide valuable insights and practical strategies to help ISPs navigate inflationary challenges effectively.  Join industry experts Ken Janc and Kurt Wolterstorff of Marketbroadband as they share strategies to optimize marketing budgets and [...]

Broadband Communities Summit 2023

Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center 1601 Lake Robbins Drive, The Woodlands

Join us at the Broadband Communities Summit where we will be exhibiting from May 1st - 4th. Stop by booth 307 to meet our team and learn what Sonar is all about. We look forward to seeing everyone there! As ​the ​leading ​conference ​on ​broadband ​technologies ​for ​communities, ​the ​Broadband ​Communities ​Summit ​attracts ​broadband ​system ​operators, ​network ​builders, and [...]

Securing Funding: The Essential Guide to Grant Writing Preparedness

Are you an Internet Service Provider struggling to secure the necessary funding for your business? Look no further! Join our webinar on "Securing Funding and Grant Writing Preparedness" to learn about the different funding opportunities for service providers. Our expert panelist Kimberly Young will provide tips and best practices for grant writing, including developing a strong grant proposal, identifying [...]