Automatic billing, scalable customer interactions & network management for MDUs

Deliver high-speed internet over existing telephone and coaxial wiring in your MDU. Automate provisioning to control tenant changes remotely and eliminate the need for on-site technicians.

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Deliver services at lightning speed

Sonar’s BSS and OSS solution enables MDUs/MTUs to deliver gigabit services over existing in-building wiring. Reduce the time required to get a tenant set up with pre-configured network equipment, automatic provisioning, and address pre-qualification.

  • Address pre-qualification & tenant management
  • Control tenant changes remotely
  • Dynamically add services and packages
  • Automatically schedule disconnects
  • Automated device provisioning for DOCSIS, Fiber, Wireless

Flexible billing and subscriber management

The Sonar billing engine provides MDUs/MTUs flexibility when managing multiple contracts or properties. Irrespective of billing parameters, automatically bill and invoice HOAs, and leasing partners, directly bill end users, or easily manage revenue splitting and bulk rate contracts. 

  • Automatically bill and generate invoices 
  • Feature rich self-serve customer portal 
  • Interactive smart reporting: Take rate by property, bulk rate customers by property, product adoption trends by property, incident alerts by property and more!

End-to-end monitoring and visibility

Create connected device relationships between subscribers, switches, OLTs, and IDF closets. Provision switches, ports, and end devices, including turn down automation and policy enforcement at the suite level.

  • Track inventory, network status, and data usage for each customer
  • Customizable network monitoring alerts for individual properties
  • Property-specific service availability in the product catalog
  • Manage all virtual inventory in real-time, IP addresses, MAC addresses, and more.