One solution to bill, manage and provision your VoIP customers

Improve billing transparency with precise jurisdiction identification. Manage switch providers, prefixes, and local calling exchanges with one platform to manage your VoIP business.

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Improve financial performance with automated billing

Sonar supports a variety of voice service configurations. Bill, collect payments, and generate invoices automatically.

  • Automatically rate local, toll-free, long-distance, and international call usage
  • Manage switch providers, prefixes, and local calling exchanges

Automate tax collection and filing

Managing complex taxes is easier with Sonar’s built-in tax tools. Define multiple levels of global or geographical taxes to specific services and build out tax zones and tax rates to manage your tax obligations at federal, state, and local levels, including communications taxes.

  • Improve billing transparency with precise jurisdiction identification
  • Improve regulatory FCC compliance and get more accurate tax determinations with Avalara
  • Apply tax exemptions on specific services and accounts, automate tax calculations and remittance
  • Geo-validation at the account level would automatically set and enforce the specified geo-tax bundle
  • Remit regulatory excise taxes and surcharges, e911, FUSF, and county access surcharges
  • FCC Form 477 and BDC reporting

Provision on-demand

Manual provisioning is time-consuming and hurts your bottom line. Simplifying your day-to-day provisioning tasks will increase productivity and greatly enhance customer experience. Remove the monotony of searching for the next available number. Automate it! Sonar’s robust API lets you:

  • Provision on-demand
  • Automatically assign DIDs
  • Configure new accounts with ease