Automate your cable operations and accelerate business performance

Accelerate service rollout and optimize service delivery. Customize provisioning according to device type and streamline your cable network efficiently.

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Customizable provisioning for cable providers

Accelerate service rollout of multi-play services spanning multiple vendors with catalog-driven service fulfillment. Enhance operations and customize provisioning according to device type, DOCSIS version, location, quality, and speed.

  • Geo-redundant, cloud-ready, and scalable to reduce outage risk
  • Track all devices, subscribers, and activations
  • Consolidate public IP addresses for business and residential customers

On-the-go provisioning

Simplify the management of CPE devices and streamline your cable network efficiently and reliably with our seamless integration for cable provisioning.

  • CMTS and DOCSIS cable modem provisioning and lifecycle management
  • Eliminate the need for direct access to your DOCSIS network
  • Save valuable IPv4 resources with automated configurations

Monitor your network in real time

Capture and monitor critical data to optimize service delivery and network resources. View your network’s topology and overall health to reduce escalations and improve overall service quality.

  • Analyze and compare historical data
  • Customizable alerting rotations
  • Network monitoring templates
  • Real-time monitoring