Our pricing includes all of Sonar’s modules at one low cost per month

Your subscription includes everything you need to bill and delight your customers. Experience the power of Sonar’s complete suite of tools, all within your budget.

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Your monthly bill is calculated based on the number of subscribers you service.

1 – 5,000


per subscriber

5,001 – 10,000


per subscriber

10,001 – 50,000


per subscriber



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In addition to all of Sonar’s features, you’ll also have access to helpful resources such as:

In-App Guide

Each section of Sonar has comprehensive documentation available with just one click when you need immediate help.

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Sonar Casts

Our Sonar Casts are easy-to-follow videos detailing our latest features, and how to use them.

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Knowledge Base

From general overviews to advanced walkthroughs, access our resources to learn about best practices in your Sonar instance.

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