Centralize, automate and manage your growing Fiber business

Automatically provision new customers on your Fiber network and manage their subscribed service plans. Prequalify leads faster with automated serviceability checks and service suspensions for delinquent accounts.

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Automation designed for growth

Automatically provision new customers on your Fiber network, manage their subscribed service plans, and automate service suspension for delinquent accounts.

  • Seamless integration with fiber-optic hardware manufacturer Calix
  • Monitor Fiber equipment, ONTs, routers, and OLTs
  • Automate delinquencies, policy shaping and seasonal suspensions
  • Automate complex workflows for enhanced business efficiency

Unparalleled visibility, intuitive ticketing and CRM

Sonar’s feature-rich ticketing and CRM feature provide unparalleled Fiber network visibility, making troubleshooting and resolving tickets faster for your tier 1 and tier 2 customer support teams.

Notify subscribers of service interruptions, schedule upcoming maintenance, or track problematic network sites.

  • Craft outage notifications when a specific OLT at a network site goes into a failed state
  • Create incident notification templates for customers affected by a fiber line cut

Real-time data insights for Fiber providers

Take automation one step further with Sonar’s reporting module. Whether you’re reporting on the number of Fiber passes by subdivision or region, take rate according to the number of homes passed, or product adoption trends, you can schedule the report to collect and send the relevant information to any recipients.

Strategically monitor your existing deployments to determine capacity issues, monitor lead accounts to plan new deployments, and historical usage to plan network maintenance.

  • Delineate expense tracking for construction projects
  • Analyze the feasibility and profitability of new service areas
  • Utilize geofences, skill categories, and calendar availability to mobilize field crews
  • Track inventory COGS, undeployed inventory by warehouse, or RMA status by inventory make and model

Streamline the prequalification process

Prequalify leads faster and easier with automated serviceability checks using the CrowdFiber integration. Expand your serviceable addresses, budget for new builds, and never miss a service-level agreement. Automate the creation of prospective customers as lead accounts and index them within a geo-fence.

  • Automatically qualify customers based on your service coverage
  • Capture sign-up data
  • Automate deposit collection 
  • Update lead eligibility status automatically