The annual Wispapalooza conference has once again brought together the WISP community in an electrifying gathering of innovation and networking. With the 2023 edition of Wispapalooza being particularly significant, it’s time to look back at the highlights and insights that unfolded during this momentous event.

Preseem Happy Hour Event

The 2023 Wispapalooza conference kicked off with a bang, thanks to the lively Preseem Happy Hour. With a record-breaking attendance of 118 enthusiastic participants, this event was a testament to Preseem’s vibrant community and dedication to excellence. Laughter filled the air, drinks flowed freely, and connections were forged in an atmosphere of pure fun. The festivities were so infectious that they even extended the happy hour by an extra 30 minutes!

But the celebrations didn’t stop there. Preseem’s commitment to providing top-tier services to their customers was recognized as they proudly received the WISPA Service of The Year award for the fourth consecutive year. Discover what sets Preseem apart and why their events are the talk of the town. Cheers to Preseem and their continued success!


Women of WISPA Happy Hour: Celebrating Success and Empowerment in Telecom

The recent Women of WISPA event brought together an impressive gathering of remarkable women from the telecommunications industry. This happy hour was a resounding success, boasting record-breaking attendance, and was made possible through the generous sponsorship of key industry players like Sonar, Preseem, Calix, and Perfect Visión. It was an evening filled with networking, empowerment, and the celebration of the incredible achievements of women in telecom.


The Unforgettable Sonar Customer Appreciation Event at Wispapalooza

The Sonar Customer Appreciation Event took place at Alexa’s within the Paris Hotel during Wispapalooza, and it was a night to remember. Guests gathered for an evening of appreciation, indulging in a delightful fusion of conversation and culinary delights.


Attendees savored a delectable array of gourmet dishes, expertly crafted to tantalize their taste buds, and enjoyed a curated selection of top-shelf drinks. Whether they were networking with industry peers, discussing the latest advancements in wireless technology, or simply unwinding after a day of innovation, the Sonar Customer Appreciation Event provided the perfect backdrop for a memorable evening.

Glasses were raised, toasts were made, and the spirit of appreciation, celebration, and collaboration filled the air. Surrounded by the luminous charm of the Paris Hotel, this soirée became the highlight of the Wispapalooza experience. It was a night of connection and camaraderie, and guests left with cherished memories of a truly delightful evening. Cheers to all who attended, and our friends at Avalara, Preseem, and Marketbroadband.

Revolutionizing ISP Payments: Introducing sonarPay at Wispapalooza

We were thrilled to announce our new embedded payments solution, sonarPay at Wispapalooza. This new release is a part of Sonar’s investment in providing better tools to help ISPs become more competitive, specifically through an integrated payments experience.

Sonar’s commitment to empowering ISPs with the best tools for success is evident in sonarPay, their latest innovation. Unlike traditional standalone or loosely integrated credit card processing, sonarPay is designed to seamlessly integrate into the Sonar ecosystem, delivering a unified and frictionless payments and billing experience. With sonarPay, you’ll have access to payments, reporting, reconciliation, and top-tier customer service all under one roof.


Sonar’s Game-Changing Integration with Avalara Unveiled at Wispapalooza

Excitement was in the air as we announced our integration with Avalara, a leader in automated tax compliance solutions, at the prestigious Wispapalooza conference. 

By leveraging Sonar and Avalara, internet service providers can improve their regulatory FCC compliance and get more accurate tax determinations with automated tax calculation by jurisdiction, and complex tax-on-tax logic, all from within Sonar.

Using Sonar and Avalara together makes managing complex communications taxes easier with a centralized portal for transaction transparency. Internet service providers can define multiple levels of global or geographical taxes for specific services and build out tax zones and tax rates within Sonar to manage state, and local tax obligations, including communications taxes.

At Wispapalooza, we had the opportunity to showcase this powerful integration with Avalara, demonstrating how it simplified tax calculations, reporting, and compliance for ISPs, helping them stay ahead of the ever-evolving tax landscape. Whether you are an existing Sonar user or considering our platform for your ISP, our integration with Avalara will elevate your experience and revolutionize tax management.


Sonar’s Collaboration with RemoteWinBox at Wispapalooza

At this year’s Wispapalooza conference, our team had the pleasure of connecting with our valued integration partner, RemoteWinBox. The collaboration between our companies has ushered in a new era of convenience and empowerment for our users. Through this innovative integration, subscribers can seamlessly access the Subscriber Self-Care platform, unlocking a whole new level of control and insight into their internet experience.

By leveraging the power of Sonar data, administrators now have the capability to invite subscribers to the RemoteWinBox Subscriber Self-Care platform, putting the keys to network management, monitoring, and control directly in the hands of the customers. This game-changing partnership is all about putting the user in the driver’s seat, allowing them to tailor and optimize their home network experience like never before. Together with RemoteWinBox, we’re empowering users and transforming the way they interact with their home networks.


In the world of telecommunications, networking events like Preseem Happy Hour, the Women of WISPA gathering, Sonar Customer Appreciation Event, and game-changing announcements such as sonarPay and the integration with Avalara are more than just occasions for celebration – they’re catalysts for innovation, empowerment, and connection.

As we wrap up our coverage of the Wispapalooza conference, we can’t help but be excited about the future of telecommunications. The tools and solutions unveiled here, whether it’s integrated payment systems, tax compliance enhancements, or user empowerment through partnerships like RemoteWinBox, are transforming the industry and paving the way for a more connected, efficient, and user-friendly future.

It’s been a pleasure sharing these highlights with you, and we look forward to the continued success, innovation, and collaboration within the telecommunications industry. Here’s to a future where communication knows no bounds and where the industry continues to lead the way in connectivity and service excellence. Cheers to all who attended and contributed to the success of these remarkable events!