AI-Powered ISPs: A Winning Strategy for Customer Satisfaction and Operational Excellence

As the VP of Marketing for Sonar Software, I've always been fascinated by technology and how it can work well with customer experience. But lately, there's one word that's been absolutely dominating our conversations: Artificial Intelligence (AI). It's no longer just Will Smith chasing down AI robots; it's real-world and it’s transforming the way businesses operate… ISPs are [...]

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Mastering Hybrid Networks: Sonar & Preseem’s FW & Fiber Management Powerhouse

Are you ready to transform how you manage your fiber and fixed wireless networks? In our latest webinar, we unveiled how Preseem and Sonar's unified platform empowers Internet Service Providers to seamlessly navigate the complexities of hybrid network management. What You'll Learn: Seamless Integration: Discover how to effortlessly manage both fiber and fixed wireless networks within a single, intuitive [...]

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Navigating Inflation: Strategies to Optimize Your Marketing Budget and Maximize ROI

We recently co-hosted a webinar with industry marketing experts Ken Janc and Kurt Wolterstorff of Marketbroadband, who shared strategies to optimize marketing budgets and maximize ROI amidst inflationary challenges. Inflationary pressures and the changing landscape brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic have presented significant challenges for internet service providers. Rising equipment, material, and transportation costs, coupled with increased competition [...]

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Securing Funding: The Essential Guide to Grant Writing Preparedness

We recently co-hosted a webinar with grant writing expert Kimberly Young of MKY Ventures to provide guidance on securing government grants and grant writing preparedness for internet service providers. The webinar covered various topics, including developing a strong grant proposal, ISP certifications, the grant funding lifecycle, identifying the right funding opportunities, understanding the application process, matching funds, and the [...]

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Introducing the ALL NEW Powerful Sonar

Growing ISPs face a range of challenges that lead to profit erosion. Changing market conditions and increasing customer expectations are making modernization a nightmare. Sonar’s fully reimagined software gives you the flexibility you need to expand your business freely. Say goodbye to outdated legacy systems, and build your own legacy of customer satisfaction & profit. Get ready for next level growth [...]

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Joint Preseem/Sonar webinar

I'll be presenting a joint webinar with Preseem on February 13th - hope you can attend! The webinar will cover new features in Sonar 1.5, and how you can use Preseem along with Sonar to enforce Quality of Experience monitoring and queue management for your subscribers. Don't miss it - register now!

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