We recently co-hosted a webinar with grant writing expert Kimberly Young of MKY Ventures to provide guidance on securing government grants and grant writing preparedness for internet service providers. The webinar covered various topics, including developing a strong grant proposal, ISP certifications, the grant funding lifecycle, identifying the right funding opportunities, understanding the application process, matching funds, and the importance of GIS mapping tools.

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The webinar began with an introduction to government grants and their importance for funding important initiatives for ISPs to upgrade infrastructure and expand their network to underserved and unserved communities. Participants were advised to research and identify government grants and programs aligning with the project goals and objectives. The webinar highlighted the importance of considering and reviewing each grant’s eligibility requirements and focused areas to determine if it is a good fit for the project.

Next, the webinar covered best practices for developing a strong grant proposal, starting with a concise executive summary outlining the project’s purpose and goals. Additionally, it was recommended to ensure the proposal is well-organized, with a clear outline and a logical flow of information. The webinar also covered the importance of demonstrating the potential impact of the project and the benefits it will provide to the community or target audience.

GIS mapping tools were also highlighted in the webinar as a valuable resource for ISPs. Using GIS mapping tools to identify underserved or unserved areas, assess network capacity, and evaluate potential project impacts will help tell the story and demonstrate the need in the community.

The webinar also discussed matching funds, stressing the importance of identifying matching funds from other sources. The webinar provided tips on identifying matching funds, such as partnerships with local government, private entities, or other organizations.

Finally, the webinar discussed common mistakes to avoid when writing a grant proposal and a summary of the essentials for filing a successful application.

The webinar provided valuable insights and guidance on securing government grants and grant writing preparedness for internet service providers. Participants were encouraged to take the time to research and prepare thoroughly to increase their chances of success in securing funding for their project.