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A Guide To Choosing the Right ISP Software

In an era where connectivity reigns supreme, the demand for reliable and efficient internet service has reached unprecedented heights. Behind the scenes, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) play a pivotal role in delivering the seamless connectivity that businesses and individuals rely on. To conquer the challenges of the ever-evolving digital landscape, ISPs require nothing short of extraordinary software solutions. These [...]

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Streamline Your Operations with SMS Notifications

Effective internal communication is the cornerstone of any successful organization. When employees are well-informed they are more likely to feel engaged and invested in their work, leading to increased productivity and improved job satisfaction. Internal SMS notifications can provide several advantages to an ISP as they can help improve communication and collaboration among team members. Internal SMS notifications can [...]

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Maximizing Productivity in the Field with Task Templates

Field technicians play an integral role in the telecommunications industry and perform various tasks, including installations, repairs, and maintenance. Given the importance of their work, field technicians need to be highly efficient, accurate, and accountable. One effective way to achieve these goals is by using task templates. Task templates are a simple yet powerful tool that can help field [...]

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Automating Inventory & Purchase Order Management

Sonar’s Inventory module is designed to automate the management and procurement of inventory for your organization, and with this design manages to incorporate multiple distinct pieces of functionality to make the process easy for you and your team. Whether your organization operates with low inventory or a massive stock at various warehouses, inventory procurement and management remain an incredibly [...]

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Advantages of Single Sign On

Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication method that allows users to access multiple applications with a single set of credentials. The main advantage of SSO is that it makes it easier for your employees to access the resources they need, as they only need to remember one set of login information, which can lead to increased productivity as employees [...]

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Sonar’s Status Page

At Sonar, we created software with the intention of improving the operational efficiency of your Internet Service Provider business. With so many features available within a single window, it’s no surprise that your instance is heavily dependent upon to continue the day to day functions. So, when things cease to load or sync, it’s imperative that you understand [...]

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Scale Confidently with Microsoft Azure and Azure Kubernetes Service

Remember the good old days when software was deployed on physical servers and then tucked away in a cabinet or data center? More often than not tens, or even hundreds, of servers were required to run the variety of applications included in the software and this meant teams being hired to manage these sensitive creatures, as outages brought [...]

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How to Leverage Sonar’s Multi-Tenancy to Grow Your Business

There’s never been a greater need for software that can support multiple brands and multiple entities than there is in the current ISP market space. An increasing amount of competition and an unprecedented period of growth has resulted in companies acquiring others and merging entities, network space, and customer bases together under a single banner. Whether you’re growing [...]

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Performance Improvements

Have you ever read the release notes for a new piece of software or app? It's very common that, amongst the specific changes and improvements, that there will be a line saying something like various performance improvements. It's sometimes tempting to think this is just fluff added to fill out the line count of upgrades, but it can often be [...]

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Scaling Timeseries Data

Scaling timeseries data is a painful endeavor, and one we've had to deal with since the early days of Sonar. In this post, I'll walk you through some of the failures and successes we've had, and what we're currently doing to support the growth we're seeing. What is timeseries data? Timeseries data is a set of data points [...]

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