Spoiler alert: We created an FCC Nutrition label generator for both Sonar customers and non-Sonar customers at no cost. Read on to learn more.

Have you heard about the new FCC broadband nutrition labels? If you’re an ISP and looking to understand why the industry needs these and the impact these labels will have on ISPs of all sizes, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive in. 

What are FCC Nutrition Labels 🏷️

We’ve all seen those nutrition labels on food packaging for years, telling us all about what’s inside. Now, a similar concept applies to your internet service.

In an effort to give consumers more transparency into the services they’re buying, the FCC has mandated that all internet service providers (ISPs) clearly display labels detailing service terms, speeds, pricing, and other key information. This helps consumers do a true A-to-B comparison between providers, empowering them to make informed choices about their internet connection. These labels are already required for ISPs with 100,000 or more subscribers, and will be required for smaller ISPs beginning October 10, 2024, so the clock is ticking. 

Watch the video to learn about what the FCC broadband labels are, how they work, and what the FCC requirements are ▶️👇

The Challenge for ISPs 🧐

The first question we hear from our ISPs is “How do I generate these FCC Nutrition Labels?” 

I understand firsthand that these labels represent a significant challenge for ISPs. While the FCC has been very clear on the format and data that needs to be included, it’s been left up to the open market to solve for the tooling to actually create them. Smaller and mid-sized operators, in particular, may struggle to generate these labels in-house due to limited resources. 

To help with this, we’ve developed a tool here at Sonar that makes label generation a breeze.

Watch the short clip to learn more about how to generate the FCC nutrition label ▶️👇

Sonar’s Bulk FCC Nutrition Label Generator: Here’s How it Works 👇

Our goal was to make this process as streamlined as possible. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  1. Generate a Report: Within your Sonar V2 instance, or by downloading a blank CSV template, you can format the data for your service plans.
  2. Upload Your Data: Once the CSV is fully populated with your data, upload it to our label generator tool.
  3. Get Your Labels: The tool quickly generates as many FCC-compliant labels as your CSV includes, formatted perfectly to display digitally or physically as required.

While Sonar V2 users get about 50% of the data required for the labels from the report export, we understand the need extends beyond current Sonar customers.  ISPs who don’t use Sonar can manually populate a CSV doc with service data and still use our free tool to generate their compliant labels. 

Sonar customers that use our customer portal product will also benefit from the FCC label functionality we introduced there. Simply upload the zip file export provided by the bulk label generator tool, and the correct label will be displayed for each of your customers when they log into the portal.

See how Sonar’s Free Broadband Label Maker Works in the video below ▶️👇

Adapting to Changes, Maintaining Accuracy 🎯

We understand that the FCC could make changes to their specifications in the future. Our tool is built with these potential updates in mind. As your business introduces new packages or modifies existing ones, you can upload your updated CSV into the tool, getting fresh labels to accurately reflect your latest offerings.

Beyond Compliance: FCC Labels as a Competitive Advantage 🙌

Some ISPs are seeing the FCC Nutrition labels as a chance to stand out from the competition. Smaller operators may not want to wait until October to adopt the labels, as their larger competitors will already be using them. The FCC is strict about the format of the labels themselves, so maintaining compliance is key to avoiding any issues. Our tool empowers you to achieve this compliance, allowing the quality of your service offerings to shine through when compared to your competition.

Learn how to leverage the new broadband consumer labels in the video below to boost your business ▶️👇

Helping Smaller ISPs Shine ✨

At Sonar, we are committed to supporting smaller and mid-sized ISPs. Our label generator helps level the playing field, giving you the tools to quickly comply with FCC regulations and at no cost. This allows you to stay competitive, and keep your focus on delivering great service to your communities.

We’re excited to offer this tool to the broader ISP community. Whether you’re using Sonar or not, we encourage you to try it out. Visit 👉 https://sonar.software/free-broadband-label-maker to get started.