How to Automate your Tax Processes

Regardless of business size or type, one thing that remains certain is that tax compliance is an absolute must; and while acceptance of this statement is easy enough, the reality is that compliance is anything but. Tax legislation often changes and it becomes a challenge to keep track of these changes at the state, federal, and even international levels. [...]

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Choosing the Right ISP Billing System

An ISP billing system can serve many different purposes with regard to keeping track of payments and sales. Knowing what to look for when obtaining a billing system can be crucial, as your business has specific needs to be met. It is beneficial to use one not only for your business but also for your customers. Preventing errors and [...]

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Managing Expenses for a New Fiber Build with Business Intelligence

When deploying a new fiber network or upgrading an existing one, managing expenses carefully is key to ensuring the project stays within budget. To prevent potential cost overruns, it is important to identify and prioritize the most vital components of the build, negotiate favorable pricing with vendors and contractors, and continuously monitor costs throughout the project. Expanding your network [...]

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7 Ways Internet Service Providers Can Combat Inflation

Telecommunication is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Over the last decade, the global telecommunications market has seen a significant increase in investment and growth. With the economic recovery gaining steam and many businesses and governments trying to return to pre-pandemic levels, the Covid-19 pandemic presented a wide range of challenges and opportunities for the telecom industry. [...]

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Why Automated Billing is Essential for Expanding your Business

It’s undeniable that cash flow is the backbone of any business, and that includes Internet Service Providers. Whether you are delivering service via fiber, satellite or, somewhere in between, every avenue of your business depends on managing timely and accurate billing. As an ISP, this goes beyond simply accepting payment for a customer’s service; this entails purchasing inventory, [...]

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Choosing the Right Accounting Firm for your ISP

Accounting is about more than balancing your debits and credits. Positioning your business for growth as an Internet Service Provider means understanding your revenue, expenditure, margins, and profit and loss. While having a good Business Intelligence platform can provide you with an excellent starting point, there will generally be insufficient data collected in any single system to provide more than a [...]

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A Guide to Navigating The New FCC Data Collection Filing

Starting in 1999, the FCC has required most service providers to provide census block data about their subscribers twice a year in the form of the Form 477 report. This report is designed to help the FCC identify underserved areas of opportunity, driving adoption campaigns such as the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF), designed to promote ISP growth for those [...]

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Managing Tax Requirements in the VOIP & Telecom Industry

Taxation in the telecommunications industry is a complicated topic. A common misconception with taxation is that no taxes are due because no physical goods are being delivered. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and the requirements for taxation on telecommunication services are both varied and complex. This is largely due to distinct differences in rulesets between federal, state, [...]

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How to Improve Accounting & Finance with Business Intelligence

Building a business relies on more than a product and a can-do attitude. Establishing a finance team that can be proactive with the health of your organization and your accounting systems provide a competitive advantage you can leverage. This means equipping your team with the tools they need to succeed, giving them the ability to evaluate costs, savings, [...]

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Transforming Data into Business Insights with Sonar’s Business Intelligence Reporting

Financial health is the cornerstone for an Internet Service Providers' capacity to deliver a quality customer experience, remain competitive, and continuously fuel growth. To stay profitable and be viable, the decisions you make are only as good as the information you use to make them. Business Intelligence tools provide a comprehensive view of your organization’s data by collecting [...]

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