Network Operations

How to find the right Network Monitoring tool for your Hybrid ISP

Monitoring your network is an essential part of operating a successful ISP. Whether deploying Fiber to the home or a Wireless point to multipoint system, the network must operate flawlessly to deliver products and services to the customer. As ISPs expand their network, network operators face an uphill battle when troubleshooting problems in large networks due to their complexity. [...]

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How to Boost Efficiency in your Network Operations Center with Automation

It’s an undeniable fact that your NOC (Network Operation Center) is the backbone of your ISP. Of course, competitive pricing and positive customer experiences are important, but if the Internet isn’t functioning correctly, it will quickly outweigh the other positives of utilizing your services. This is why it’s imperative that your NOC team has a means of efficiently [...]

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DHCP Delivery

For a long time, Sonar has handled DHCP and option 82 requests for large networks using the Sonar DHCP Batcher. Now, this functionality has been expanded and integrated directly into Sonar, thanks to the cloud scalability of Sonar v2! If you have a scenario where a DHCP batcher must still be set up, or you are a current Sonar [...]

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Managing Network Incidents & Reporting Them in Sonar

Operating an Internet Service Provider is becoming an increasingly competitive industry - with both American and Canadian governments providing incentives and funding to provide high-speed internet access in previously underserved areas, this trend of competition will only continue upwards. For this reason, among several others, retaining customers is even more important than attracting new customers to your organization’s ongoing success. The key [...]

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Building a Device Mapper

So, you want to contribute a device mapper to the Sonar poller. Great! Here’s a walk through on how to get started. First, you’ll need a copy of the source code. Head over to our repository and fork the poller. Now let’s step through how to build a new mapper, and test it easily. All the code you’ll want [...]

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Pulse, Polling, and PHP

We recently released a new network poller for Sonar. Here’s some background on how it works! Network monitoring is a necessary part of running any ISP. Just as we have to monitor our infrastructure to keep Sonar running smoothly, an ISP has to monitor their network to catch issues before they happen, or respond to outages. There are a myriad [...]

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