Effective network monitoring is the cornerstone of a successful ISP operation. Whether you are deploying Fiber to the Home or a Wireless Point-to-Multipoint system, your network’s seamless operation is vital for delivering high-quality products and services to your customers. As ISPs expand their networks, they encounter challenges in troubleshooting problems within large and complex networks. Selecting the appropriate monitoring tool is crucial to ensuring an optimal user experience for customers, network engineers, and administrators. When considering potential solutions for your business, here are some key factors to keep in mind:

Network Size Matters

The size of your network directly influences the suitability, pricing, and performance of available monitoring solutions. It’s essential to choose a software solution that aligns with your network’s scale. Whether you’re in the early stages of network deployment or serving thousands of clients, a scalable solution ensures that your monitoring capabilities grow with your network. Scalability is not just about accommodating more devices but also about efficiently monitoring physical and virtual components. A comprehensive solution, like Sonar, can map your entire network and deploy pollers to monitor connected endpoints, ensuring the smooth operation of every device.

Availability and Notifications

Network reliability is paramount, and so is the reliability of your network monitoring system. Whether you opt for a local or cloud-based solution, it’s crucial to ensure continuous device monitoring. In the event of a device failure or issues, your monitoring system should promptly deliver notifications. Cloud-native solutions like Sonar offer enhanced flexibility in alerting. With multiple hosting locations, you can access your monitoring platform and alerting system almost anywhere. Sonar provides customizable email notifications, SMS alerts, and alert rotation settings, allowing your organization to tailor how and when you receive notifications about network issues.


Every new network segment you add introduces complexity to your topology. Whether you’re expanding your network backbone with Fiber deployments or capacity upgrades, each new device connects to a web of interconnected components. A robust monitoring solution should not only offer power but also versatility. Sonar takes a unique approach by bundling multiple versatile tools with broad compatibility. The Poller and its customizable monitoring templates, along with Pulse mapping for your entire network, enable accurate monitoring and management. Sonar even excels in Hybrid networks, seamlessly integrating Fiber and Wireless technologies, providing a comprehensive view of your network, including device-to-backhaul connections.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to network monitoring for ISPs, Sonar stands out as a cloud-native solution designed to meet the unique challenges of today’s networks. Its scalability, availability, and compatibility make it a powerful tool for ensuring a flawless network operation. With a wide range of integrations, Sonar offers a holistic approach to network monitoring, enabling you to notify end-users of service interruptions, schedule maintenance, and track problematic network sites—all in one unified platform. Choose Sonar to empower your ISP with the right monitoring tool and deliver exceptional services to your customers.