RemoteWinBox has revolutionized network management for MikroTik users with an all-in-one solution for control and insight. The platform offers a simple and user-friendly interface that allows users to remotely manage, configure, get insight, and control their MikroTik network.

Before RemoteWinBox, many MikroTik users had to use highly manual processes to manage their devices. Upgrading firmware required late-night maintenance windows, simple troubleshooting required a resources-consuming truck roll, and there was little to no unified view into the network’s health and status. RemoteWinBox has created a solution that allows WISPs, MSPs, and any MikroTik user to become more efficient, productive, and save money while providing managed services to their customers who rely on them for a quality experience. Providers can leverage tools such as automatic backups, scheduled firmware updates, bulk config changes, user management, and of course remote access to any MikroTik. All these tools along with a view into historical and live data graphs, per-device usage charts, and full network insight allows WISPs and MSPs to provide superior internet services to their customers

The platform also features a subscriber solution with Subscriber Self-Care, giving users insight into their home networks. The Subscriber Self-Care includes Parental Controls, rate limiting, scheduling, guest Wifi, and more to help subscribers have full control of their home network – that many are seeing as a significant value-added revenue stream that increases ARPU.


As RemoteWinBox continues to grow, it has recently announced its integration with Sonar Software.

The integration has made it easier for users to invite subscribers to the Subscriber Self-Care, enhancing the customer’s internet experience. By accessing Sonar data, administrators can invite a subscriber to the RemoteWinBox Subscriber Self-Care and give them the tools to manage, monitor, and control their home network.