COVID-19: How Sonar is helping our partners

In this time of uncertainty, the service that you, our ISP partners provide, has become paramount to the international effort to slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

We at Sonar recognize your networks will be stretched to capacity as more employees are asked to work from home, students transition to online classes and the public at large turns to local ISPs like you to stay up to date on the health of their loved ones and their communities.

Sonar has a completely remote workforce and a culture of flexibility that enables our employees to be fully prepared to support you through these challenging times.

We know that life must go on, and that means you still need direct access to your operational software and the ability to tailor your business approach to meet changing needs.

Some examples of the adjustments we can help with are……….

  • Change or temporarily suspend broadband data caps
  • Change or temporarily lift late fees
  • Adjust internet speeds on specific tier plans en masse

Our staff is available to you online and by phone. You’ve put your trust in Sonar, and we remain committed to you throughout this situation.

We’re here to help.