Sonar 0.4 is almost out, bringing multiple provisioning options to your network – check out the whole video series! The entire team has been working very hard to bring you a multitude of flexible and powerful provisioning options, and the first release of 0.4 is just the start – we’re already in talks with many vendors in the ISP industry to bring integration with their products into Sonar.

Our next release will be 0.5, which will bring a powerful ticketing system to Sonar. The current plan is to follow that up with a fully customizable customer portal and usage based billing options, a scheduling system, and a network monitoring system – more details on each module coming very soon.

I’d like to thank all of our customers for their early support of Sonar so far – our growth has been tremendous, and we’re very excited to hear all the positive feedback and suggestions. If you haven’t tried Sonar yet, you can spin up a Sonar instance in 90 seconds or less, and the minimum cost is only $100 USD a month.

We’re all very excited to get 0.4 in your hands and hear how you integrate it into your network – it’ll be in your hands next week.