COVID-19 Announcement

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread within North America, Sonar Software Inc. has made the decision to temporarily suspend all non-essential employee travel. Our primary concern is to protect the health and safety of our employees, customer partners, and their families by limiting possible exposure and doing our part to help prevent further spread of the virus within our communities, particularly to those most vulnerable.


We are extremely disappointed that Sonar will not be able to attend WISPAMERICA 2020 in Dallas next week. The entire Sonar team looks forward to all WISPA events, as they are incredibly important venues to connect with both current and future partners. We appreciate this decision will not allow us to share the latest developments and future roadmaps which normally are on display during the show in person. However, we believe we can turn this unexpected challenge into an opportunity to spend more personal time with all of you. Those same staff members who had planned to be with you in Dallas will be available the following week of March 23rd through the 26th in a virtual environment! Each day we’ll have a 1-hour webinar along with 3-hour open Zoom meetings to ask questions just as you would in person at our booth. Ask questions on Monday, return with further thoughts on Wednesday.

If you prefer a more personal experience, select a one-on-one session the same week to meet with the management team. We want to provide the opportunity for everyone to engage in the same discussion they would have if we had been present at WISPAMERICA in Dallas.

The involvement of the ISP community, which we are all an important part of, will be crucial to keeping our friends and neighbors safe. We at Sonar are proud to partner with all of you in overcoming this international health challenge.