Announcing Sonar

Sep 29, 2015 by Simon Westlake

The WISP industry is changing.While there are still thousands of WISPs around the world deploying products at every scale imaginable, there is a larger drive towards improving WISP networks to the point that they can compete with traditional carriers, in both service offerings and size. Fiber build outs are becoming commonplace. This push is driving acquisitions, network overhauls and rearchitectures all across the industry.This rapid pace of innovation is driving the need for better software. To keep up, you want a platform that can scale, you want a platform that can provision and integrate with any manufacturer, and you want a platform that you can reliably grow with.

Announcing Sonar.Today, I'm excited to announce Sonar - the future of ISP billing & OSS. It's wonderful to be back as part of WISPA and I'm very happy to be able to finally talk about what Jacob, Devin and I have been working on for the last few months.We've been developing a next generation of billing and OSS that we're confident will bring a new wave of opportunities to the WISP market. We've designed a system that will serve everyone, whether it's a startup with a handful of customers or an ISP with millions of accounts.Sonar is built on the latest technologies, which we've used to create a scalable, flexible, and powerful management platform that will bring a level of intelligence and automation to the billing and OSS industry that doesn't currently exist. We are working closely with many of the major vendors in the marketplace to integrate their products and services into Sonar.

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