Incident Response: Built to Scale

Network outages and disruptions are a fact of life in the interconnected world. When internet service goes down, it's not just an inconvenience – it can disrupt business, education, and personal lives. That's why incident response – the process of rapidly resolving network issues – is essential.  As networks – especially those serving rural areas – continue to grow, [...]

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Mastering Hybrid Networks: Sonar & Preseem’s FW & Fiber Management Powerhouse

Are you ready to transform how you manage your fiber and fixed wireless networks? In our latest webinar, we unveiled how Preseem and Sonar's unified platform empowers Internet Service Providers to seamlessly navigate the complexities of hybrid network management. What You'll Learn: Seamless Integration: Discover how to effortlessly manage both fiber and fixed wireless networks within a single, intuitive [...]

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Sonar’s Q1 Innovations: Enhanced Billing, FCC Compliance, & Service Automation (Plus Q2 Sneak Peek)

Recently, I sat down with Sonar’s Sr. Director of Client Services, Georgette Lopez-Aguado for our first-ever Sonar Office Hours. We took a deep dive into the exciting features and enhancements we rolled out in Q1. Plus, we got a chance to discuss some of the powerful solutions you can expect in Q2 and beyond. Let's recap some of the [...]

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Broadband Communities Summit 2024 Recap

The Sonar team recently returned from the Broadband Communities Summit 2024, held in The Woodlands, Texas. As a great conference for broadband technologies in communities, the summit brought together a diverse group of industry stakeholders, including broadband system operators, network builders, property owners, and community leaders.   Our booth had great activity throughout the summit. We had [...]

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New Feature: FCC Broadband Label Generator

May 7th, 2024 We’re thrilled to introduce our latest feature: FCC Broadband Label Generator. The new FCC Broadband Nutrition Labels are designed to bring more transparency to the ISP industry, and the deadline for smaller providers is fast approaching – October 10th, 2024. Our tool quickly produces FCC-compliant labels for each of your service plans. Sonar customers: A bonus [...]

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Syncing Network Monitoring with Sonar

Network outages are a major challenge for ISPs. Downtime frustrates customers, creates a flood of support calls, and damages your reputation. Every second spent scrambling for information or manually correlating data means prolonged service disruptions and unhappy subscribers. That's where Sonar steps in. Our comprehensive network monitoring tool delivers the proactive visibility and centralized control you need to transform [...]

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Elevating Customer Support with Metrics and Strategies

A satisfied customer base leads to loyalty, positive word-of-mouth, and ultimately, business growth. For hybrid and fiber wireless companies, delivering top-tier customer support comes with its own set of unique hurdles, from managing infrastructure to addressing customer needs.  However, by embracing an approach to communication and leveraging the right tools, ISPs can transform their customer support into a competitive [...]

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Seizing the Moment: BEAD Funding, Regulatory Shifts, and the Future of Rural Broadband

The broadband landscape is in flux, creating both hurdles and a wide range of opportunities for internet service providers (ISPs). Rural communities, in particular, stand to benefit from historic funding initiatives like BEAD and changing regulatory tides – but to truly capitalize on this moment, ISPs need the right tools.   A Commitment to Rural Connectivity The Broadband Equity, [...]

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Beyond the Buffer: Latency Optimization

Latency refers to the delay experienced when data travels across a network. High latency leads to slow loading times, choppy video calls, and frustrating online experiences. For ISPs, minimizing latency is essential to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Inspired by the efficiency and proactive mindset of field service operations, ISPs can implement targeted strategies to optimize their networks. This [...]

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