Top Ideas to Consider When Redesigning your Website

As we approach a new year, there are many things you may look to improve in your business and marketing strategy to exceed your goals from the previous year. Since websites play an integral role in attracting new visitors and converting them into customers, that is a great starting point. As most consumers are looking for information online that [...]

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7 Ways Internet Service Providers Can Combat Inflation

Telecommunication is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Over the last decade, the global telecommunications market has seen a significant increase in investment and growth. With the economic recovery gaining steam and many businesses and governments trying to return to pre-pandemic levels, the Covid-19 pandemic presented a wide range of challenges and opportunities for the telecom industry. [...]

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Blue Star Innovation Partners Announces Investment in Sonar Software

FRISCO, Texas, December 23, 2022 - Blue Star Innovation Partners ("BSIP"), a growth focused investment firm that partners with leading software and payments companies, announced today their investment in Sonar Software, a leading provider of BSS & OSS solutions for Internet Service Providers. "We view Sonar as a leader in the telecommunications technology market and believe there are attractive [...]

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Top Landing Pages for Internet Service Providers to Increase Conversions

Landing pages remain the most effective method to increase conversions and nurture prospects at each stage of the sales funnel and convert them into your customers. Having good landing pages is essential to any digital marketing campaign. Without them, visitors have no idea what to do next. Where can they learn more? Where can they sign up? Where can [...]

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How to find the right Network Monitoring tool for your Hybrid ISP

Monitoring your network is an essential part of operating a successful ISP. Whether deploying Fiber to the home or a Wireless point to multipoint system, the network must operate flawlessly to deliver products and services to the customer. As ISPs expand their network, network operators face an uphill battle when troubleshooting problems in large networks due to their complexity. [...]

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Why Automated Billing is Essential for Expanding your Business

It’s undeniable that cash flow is the backbone of any business, and that includes Internet Service Providers. Whether you are delivering service via fiber, satellite or, somewhere in between, every avenue of your business depends on managing timely and accurate billing. As an ISP, this goes beyond simply accepting payment for a customer’s service; this entails purchasing inventory, [...]

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Get Better Inventory Control with Business Intelligence

Do you find it increasingly difficult to keep track of your company's inventory? Keeping track of out-of-stock items wastes valuable time and resources, but there are solutions to this problem thanks to Business Intelligence (BI). A shortage of inventory can result in lost sales and decreased customer satisfaction, which can be a recipe for disaster. Therefore accurate inventory [...]

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Choosing the Right Accounting Firm for your ISP

Accounting is about more than balancing your debits and credits. Positioning your business for growth as an Internet Service Provider means understanding your revenue, expenditure, margins, and profit and loss. While having a good Business Intelligence platform can provide you with an excellent starting point, there will generally be insufficient data collected in any single system to provide more than a [...]

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Automation Simplified with Sonar +

Sonar has a rich API that allows you to automate any action you can take within the application. It also offers comprehensive webhooks that allow external tools to be triggered when specific events occur. There are many ways to leverage the API and webhooks, and one way that can make this very easy is by using a third [...]

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