Voice billing available!

Aug 29, 2016 by Simon Westlake

Sonar 0.6.11 will be out later today, and it brings support for billing for voice services and rating CDRs. As always, there is a video series describing how it works!

This will be our last major 0.6 update, as work is already well underway on 0.7, which will bring scheduling, and 1.0, which will bring our network monitoring module. We're all very excited to show you what we've got cooking - stay tuned for more details soon. We'll be exhibiting both modules at WISPAPALOOZA (along with the rest of Sonar!) - hope to see you there.

Sonar 0.6 now available!

Jul 27, 2016 by Simon Westlake

Sonar 0.6 is now available, bringing data usage tracking, usage based billing, a completely customizable customer portal, and much, much, much more. This is one of our largest updates ever, and there's lots more to come.

Development on 0.7 is already underway, which will bring a completely new, improved, and much faster mapping implementation, along with a complete scheduling/workforce management system. We also have plans for a number of intermediate updates, bringing NetFlow based accounting, CDR rating, Telrad integration, and a number of other features.

Sonar ticketing now available!

Jun 15, 2016 by Simon Westlake

The Sonar ticketing update is available now - click the Upgrade button in your Sonar instance and you'll be ticketing to your heart's content in just a couple of minutes.

If you didn't see them yet, there's a series of videos available that go through the whole ticketing system in detail. If you don't have a Sonar instance yet, you can get started in less than 90 seconds, and you can cancel at any time without needing to call us.

Sonar 0.5 is almost here!

Jun 8, 2016 by Simon Westlake

Sonar 0.5 is almost here, bringing a complete ticketing system to Sonar, along with many other improvements and changes. There's a video series available in our Sonar Casts section that will take you through the features of the ticketing system - check it out, and let us know your thoughts on the forum.

We're already hard at work on Sonar 0.6, which will bring a completely customizable customer portal, usage based billing options, and many more features and improvements. If you didn't see our roadmap to 1.0, check it out - this will give you some insight into when the next features are coming.

Provisioning coming next week!

Apr 17, 2016 by Simon Westlake

Sonar 0.4 is almost out, bringing multiple provisioning options to your network - check out the whole video series! The entire team has been working very hard to bring you a multitude of flexible and powerful provisioning options, and the first release of 0.4 is just the start - we're already in talks with many vendors in the ISP industry to bring integration with their products into Sonar.

Our next release will be 0.5, which will bring a powerful ticketing system to Sonar. The current plan is to follow that up with a fully customizable customer portal and usage based billing options, a scheduling system, and a network monitoring system - more details on each module coming very soon.

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