One of the most popular puzzles of the ’70s was the Rubik’s Cube. In 1974 the Rubik’s Cube was invented by Ernő Rubik and would go on to live in modern times as one of the world’s best-selling puzzles ever.

Today, with the internet’s help, you can solve the perplexing puzzle through a simple Google search or by watching a short YouTube tutorial. Unfortunately, back in the ’70s, you either had the skill to solve the mysterious puzzle, or you deliberately peeled off the stickers one by one and carefully replaced them.

When it comes to growing your ISP and understanding your data, you may feel like you were back in 1974. Manually pulling data from multiple software into spreadsheets, building custom calculations, exporting the data into pivot tables for analysis, and before you know it, you are having flashbacks of peeling off the stickers from the Rubik’s Cube.

With the evolution of Business Intelligence Reporting, you no longer need to question your data’s accuracy and guess future outcomes. Now you can dive in deep, analyze historical data, identify customer needs, and make informed business decisions based on real-time data.

Sonar BI provides invaluable insights, allowing you to understand your customers’ usage and buying behaviors, so you can quickly discover cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

With Sonar BI, you can build strategic service package offerings that match current consumption trends to provide a better customer experience and increase ARPU (average revenue per user). Analyze your most popular packages and services to identify other products you can bundle for promotion, see which packages and services garner the most traction during certain times of the year, to create seasonal promotions. Use meaningful data to identify low-selling packages to make improvements.

Customer acquisition is always top of mind when growing your ISP, but customer retention and increasing ARPU are imperative to staying competitive. Learn how to leverage data insights to create a better customer experience, prevent churn, and increase revenue by visiting