February 13th, 2024

Unlock a new era of precision and efficiency with Sonar’s newest feature: Anchor & Linked Serviceable Addresses. Building upon the foundation of Serviceable Addresses, this innovative addition empowers you to define, control, and automate your service locations like never before.

Anchor addresses serve as the cornerstone, representing the central point of association. Whether it’s the main street address of a multi-dwelling unit building or the headquarters of a corporate client, the Anchor address is your primary reference point. Linked addresses, on the other hand, are the subsidiary locations tied to the Anchor, ranging from individual units within a complex to the satellite offices of a corporation.

But what sets Anchor & Linked addresses apart is their versatility. They transcend traditional billing structures, allowing for unique billing rules and service catalogs to be tailored by property. With Wholesale Billing, you can enforce predefined rules and automate billing processes seamlessly.

The benefits extend beyond linking locations. Whether you’re dealing with multi-dwelling units, HOAs, satellite offices, or other wholesale scenarios, this feature provides a comprehensive yet flexible framework for organization and administration.

  • Precision Location Management: Definitively link together service locations as Anchor and Linked Serviceable Addresses. Ideal for multi-dwelling units, satellite offices, and wholesale solutions.
  • Bulk Record Creation: Create multiple Linked Service Locations and associated Shell Accounts using one easy workflow.
  • Versatile Billing: Wholesale Billing allows for unique billing settings to be enforced on associated Accounts, and introduces the option to split billing between Anchor & Linked using new Subsidy feature.
  • Tailored Service Offerings: Define unique service catalogs to be enforced on the Accounts associated with Linked Addresses.
  • Delinquency Automation: Take advantage of new automation option to disable service on Linked Accounts when Anchor Account falls delinquent.
  • New Reporting & Insight Opportunities: With the upcoming Anchor/Linked Reporting Dashboard, look into data such as ARPU, service distribution, take rate, delinquency history, and more!

To read more about this feature, please refer to our knowledge base documentation here:


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