An ISP billing system can serve many different purposes with regard to keeping track of payments and sales. Knowing what to look for when obtaining a billing system can be crucial, as your business has specific needs to be met. It is beneficial to use one not only for your business but also for your customers. Preventing errors and complications when using a billing system saves time and headaches. Becoming familiar with the billing system allows you to be connected to the hardware to make payments easier for you and your customers. The help of an automated billing system will assist your ISP in handling financial and accounting processes.

This blog further explains what to consider when obtaining an ISP billing system.

Invoicing System

One of the main features that is usually included in a billing system is the invoices. The purpose of invoicing is to keep proof of all payments and payment requests, and this serves an essential purpose as it may need to be utilized in the future. Electronic invoicing can reduce errors and speed up approvals, and invoicing can provide legal protection, tax filing, and business analytics. This plays a huge role for customers as well since they will be receiving invoices and making payments. If you are planning on obtaining a billing system, examine what the invoice feature offers and how you can utilize it to capitalize on managing finances.


Automated billing brings simplicity. It may be overwhelming as an ISP to manually keep up with all your customers who may be on different payment plans. Automation is a feature that can be implemented in a billing system to make processing payments easier. Some examples that automated billing may generate are accepting payments, charging payments, late payment reminders, and more. The avoidance of human error can save complications with billing purposes. Looking for automation features such as time savings, auditable records, and strong security will boost efficiency in an ISP. Minimizing manual input helps streamline an entire workflow. 


Having a rundown of where money is coming in and going out is significant within a billing system. Most ISP’s have multiple billing cycles, which can be a lot of information to keep up with each month. Luckily, most reporting features reveal posted/unposted invoices, taxes, and more. It is vital to have this information up-to-date to have the ability to see where customers stand. Some systems provide analytics that breaks down specific statistics concerning delinquency, earned revenue, refunds, account balances, and more. Reporting is powerful and provides insightful data that can be presented within a company and for documentation purposes.

Value to Customers 

Providing a billing system for customers will help the flow of an ISP business. Having a structure that controls payments, taxes, and bills and the avoidance of errors makes the billing process more manageable. It also increases productivity by facilitating faster payments through an electronic billing system. The goal is to provide your business the ability to do more in a short period of time. An Internet Service Provider will also find an increase in customer retention if the billing processes are serving quality features to their customers. As a service provider, it is essential to ensure customers are given services that will enhance their experience. Be sure to consider the specific aspects of a billing system that will better serve your and your customer’s needs.

Ease of Use 

Technology can sometimes be a little overwhelming, especially if someone is dealing with a brand new software system. Observing the ease of use when obtaining an ISP billing system is crucial, particularly for customers who are using the system. Paying attention to a program that is adaptable and user-friendly for anyone is key.

Sonar Billing

Great news… Sonar offers each feature listed above that will help any Internet Service Provider handle their payment processes! An ISP will have the ability to automate revenue collection and simplify financial and accounting processes with real-time data insights. Customers can review invoices and payments, keep an eye on their data usage, open tickets, upgrade packages, and plenty more in one place. Some great features that are offered are: 

  • Multi-month billing
  • Usage billing
  • VOIP billing
  • Automatic proration
  • Geographical taxation
  • Touchless Invoicing
  • Automatic late fees and more!

To learn more about Sonar billing, visit this link: