Quality of Experience

Quality of Experience Impact on Reducing Customer Churn

Customer satisfaction is the driving force behind increasing revenue. For some industries, a small increase to client satisfaction can result in increasing revenue by as much as $1 billion annually, according to Forrester Research. For smaller companies this same correlation exists, albeit on a smaller scale, but the impact is no less significant. In fact, about 84% of companies reported seeing an [...]

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Joint Preseem/Sonar webinar

I'll be presenting a joint webinar with Preseem on February 13th - hope you can attend! The webinar will cover new features in Sonar 1.5, and how you can use Preseem along with Sonar to enforce Quality of Experience monitoring and queue management for your subscribers. Don't miss it - register now!

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NuTEQ completes integration with Sonar

NuTEQ Completes Integration with Sonar Software Alpharetta, GA – (August 14, 2017) – NuTEQ Solutions, LLC, a SaaS provider of mobile customer care today announced that the Company completed integration of GOCare with Sonar Software’s ISP Billing and OSS platform. GOCare™ is a cloud-based, fully-integrated solution enabling proactive and interactive communications with the subscriber via their mobile device. [...]

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Sonar 1.3 is almost here!

Sonar 1.3 is just a couple of weeks away from completion, and we can't wait to share it with you. 1.3 is our billing overhaul update and contains a number of new, exciting features. Billing changes We've implemented many frequently requested billing features, such as: The Sonar autopay process can now be configured to retry failed payments on [...]

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Sonar 1.0 is near

Sonar 1.0 will be in your hands next week, and there's a new video series available that walks you through the features of the network monitoring and alerting module. I encourage you to check it out! While 1.0 brings us to what we consider a fully-featured billing and OSS platform, we're far from done. Our 1.1 update is [...]

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See you at WISP America!

We'll be at WISP America Mar 15-17, showing off Sonar 0.4 in a very cool way. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but it'll be worth stopping by our booth to check out our display! 0.4 will bring our IPAM system, as well as RADIUS, Mikrotik and Procera integration. We'll also have a variety of implementations for DHCP networks [...]

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