Mastering Hybrid Networks: Sonar & Preseem’s FW & Fiber Management Powerhouse

Are you ready to transform how you manage your fiber and fixed wireless networks? In our latest webinar, we unveiled how Preseem and Sonar's unified platform empowers Internet Service Providers to seamlessly navigate the complexities of hybrid network management. What You'll Learn: Seamless Integration: Discover how to effortlessly manage both fiber and fixed wireless networks within a single, intuitive [...]

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Quality of Experience Impact on Reducing Customer Churn

Customer satisfaction is the driving force behind increasing revenue. For some industries, a small increase to client satisfaction can result in increasing revenue by as much as $1 billion annually, according to Forrester Research. For smaller companies this same correlation exists, albeit on a smaller scale, but the impact is no less significant. In fact, about 84% of companies reported seeing an [...]

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Joint Preseem/Sonar webinar

I'll be presenting a joint webinar with Preseem on February 13th - hope you can attend! The webinar will cover new features in Sonar 1.5, and how you can use Preseem along with Sonar to enforce Quality of Experience monitoring and queue management for your subscribers. Don't miss it - register now!

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Sonar 1.4 out today!

Sonar 1.4 is officially released, and it's chock full of new features. The major new feature is Pulse, our new module that automatically maps the topology of your network to create interactive, real time network maps that you can use for documentation and troubleshooting. Pulse is far from the only new feature in Sonar 1.4 though, check out the massive [...]

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