Scaling Timeseries Data

Scaling timeseries data is a painful endeavor, and one we've had to deal with since the early days of Sonar. In this post, I'll walk you through some of the failures and successes we've had, and what we're currently doing to support the growth we're seeing. What is timeseries data? Timeseries data is a set of data points [...]

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How to Protect Your Data When an Employee Leaves

Although there is significant debate on how frequently individuals change careers, due to the opacity of what actually constitutes a “career change”, it is no secret that “job-hopping” is a trend in today’s workforce. In fact, many reputable sources (Forbes, LinkedIn, and Monster, to name a few) encourage changing jobs anywhere from two to five years and tout the benefits [...]

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Sonar 0.6 now available!

Sonar 0.6 is now available, bringing data usage tracking, usage based billing, a completely customizable customer portal, and much, much, much more. This is one of our largest updates ever, and there's lots more to come. Development on 0.7 is already underway, which will bring a completely new, improved, and much faster mapping implementation, along with a complete scheduling/workforce [...]

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