Network Monitoring

Using Historical Data for Network Optimization

As internet service providers strive for efficiency, resilience, and superior performance, the role of historical data in network optimization cannot be overstated. This blog explores the significance of leveraging historical data to fine-tune and future-proof networks for the challenges of tomorrow. Understanding Historical Data Historical data serves as a treasure trove of insights into the behavior and performance of [...]

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How to find the right Network Monitoring tool for your Hybrid ISP

Monitoring your network is an essential part of operating a successful ISP. Whether deploying Fiber to the home or a Wireless point to multipoint system, the network must operate flawlessly to deliver products and services to the customer. As ISPs expand their network, network operators face an uphill battle when troubleshooting problems in large networks due to their complexity. [...]

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Managing Network Incidents & Reporting Them in Sonar

Operating an Internet Service Provider is becoming an increasingly competitive industry - with both American and Canadian governments providing incentives and funding to provide high-speed internet access in previously underserved areas, this trend of competition will only continue upwards. For this reason, among several others, retaining customers is even more important than attracting new customers to your organization’s ongoing success. The key [...]

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Scaling Timeseries Data

Scaling timeseries data is a painful endeavor, and one we've had to deal with since the early days of Sonar. In this post, I'll walk you through some of the failures and successes we've had, and what we're currently doing to support the growth we're seeing. What is timeseries data? Timeseries data is a set of data points [...]

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Sonar 1.0 is almost here!

Sonar 1.0 is almost here - we're on track to deliver it before the end of the year, and the entire team is thrilled to be this close to hitting 1.0. The primary module coming in 1.0 is our network monitoring module, but there's tons of new features packed in, including a major UI upgrade, that has increased [...]

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