Enhance your ISP with Billing Reports

As an ISP, it may get overwhelming manually collecting customer bills overtime. It takes up a lot of time to break down all of your billing cycles, late payments, and more without an automated billing system. This is where billing reports will save your ISP time and energy.  Billing reports provide visual information of your finances such as paid [...]

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A Guide to Navigating The New FCC Data Collection Filing

Starting in 1999, the FCC has required most service providers to provide census block data about their subscribers twice a year in the form of the Form 477 report. This report is designed to help the FCC identify underserved areas of opportunity, driving adoption campaigns such as the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF), designed to promote ISP growth for those [...]

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Business Intelligence Reporting in Sonar, Official Release!

Small and medium-sized ISPs have access to tons of data they could put to good use to improve business decisions. The problem is that most ISPs are manually pulling data into spreadsheets, building custom calculations and then exporting the data into pivot tables for analysis. While this method may have served its purpose previously, it is flawed. It [...]

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