How to Reach New Customers and Increase Activations

In other blog posts, such as the Quality of Experience Impact on Reducing Customer Churn, how Sonar facilitates customer retention has been highlighted as a means of succeeding as an Internet Service Provider. Another equally important means to success is the process of attracting new customers to the services your organization offers. To attract customers, Internet Service Providers need [...]

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Sonar 0.6 now available!

Sonar 0.6 is now available, bringing data usage tracking, usage based billing, a completely customizable customer portal, and much, much, much more. This is one of our largest updates ever, and there's lots more to come. Development on 0.7 is already underway, which will bring a completely new, improved, and much faster mapping implementation, along with a complete scheduling/workforce [...]

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Our Partners

The WISP community is filled with companies providing a wide range of quality services and products and one of the strengths of the community is the spirit of cooperation. I strongly believe that the best platform for any ISP to use is one that integrates with all the products and services that are popular in the community and, [...]

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