Cyber Security

5 Common Security Mistakes and How To Prevent Them

Cybersecurity has emerged as an imperative safeguard for individuals and organizations alike. As we navigate this era of constant connectivity, the protection of our sensitive information and digital assets has become paramount. Cyberattacks, ranging from data breaches to ransomware attacks, continue to escalate in sophistication and frequency, making it crucial to address vulnerabilities head-on.  As we rely more than [...]

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Ways To Enhance Security: Protect Your Network and Customers

As an internet service provider, protecting your network along with your customers is one of the most important practices to consider.  As technology advances daily, cybercrime has been escalating with dangerous hackers using different techniques. With the increase of malware, there are ways to help secure the data of your business and of your customers. Taking caution against online [...]

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Cyber Security Tips for Internet Service Providers

Cybercrime has vastly changed in the last 20 years, and the way we protect ourselves has had to change too. These days, hackers are using increasingly sophisticated methods to access our data, and this risk is present for both customers and businesses alike. In a jarring report, it was found that malware increased 358% in 2020 and ransomware by 435%. [...]

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