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Tracking subscriber churn is something every ISP should be doing. Find out what it is, how to calculate it, how it affects your bottom line, and what you can do to reduce it in this informative session. With Preseem CEO Gerrit Nagelhout and Georgette Lopez-Aguado, Strategic Accounts Director at Sonar.


Georgette Lopez-Aguado
Strategic Accounts Director, Sonar
Georgette Lopez-Aguado is a native of Fort Worth, TX. She began working in the ISP/OSS arena in 2016 and joined Sonar Software in 2017. In her current role as the Strategic Account Director, Georgette and her team are laser-focused on helping customers harness the power of Sonar through strategic partnerships. Connecting the dots is her super power.


Gerrit Nagelhout
CEO, Preseem

As CEO and co-founder of Aterlo Networks and Preseem, Gerrit’s passion is helping ISPs understand and improve subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) on their networks, while uncovering new opportunities to help customers thrive and scale.

Prior to co-founding Aterlo/Preseem, Gerrit spent 12+ years developing product and managing engineering teams for platforms used by some of the largest ISPs in the world. Now, however, he’s dedicated to helping local and regional ISPs take on the big guys and solve network problems with products that people love.

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