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Are you an Internet Service Provider struggling to secure the necessary funding for your business? Look no further! Join our webinar on “Securing Funding and Grant Writing Preparedness” to learn about the different funding opportunities for service providers. Our expert panelist Kimberly Young will provide tips and best practices for grant writing, including developing a strong grant proposal, identifying the right funding opportunities, and understanding the application process.

Government grants can be a critical source of funding for Internet Service Providers looking to expand their services or upgrade their infrastructure. The importance of government grants cannot be overstated, particularly for those operating in rural or low-income areas where the cost of providing high-speed internet services can be prohibitive. Securing Government grants can provide much-needed funding to help ISPs overcome financial barriers and expand their services to more customers.


Kimberly Young
Kimberly Young is the President of MKY Ventures, LLC, providing State and Federal Grant Writing, Consulting and Administrative Services to ISPs all over North America. MKY Ventures is focused on helping ISPs to increase broadband access and helping to connect rural communities throughout the North America and US Territories. Before starting MKY Ventures, Kimberly spent 25 years in a Healthcare Administration career in helping doctors and hospital provide the best care for patients through influencing lawmakers, policy and administrators. During her time in healthcare, Kimberly continued writing grants on case-by-case bases for a select few technology and internet clients for the past 15 years. Today, MKY Ventures provides grant services, consulting for ISPs, and partners with marketplace providers to offer a suite of services for ISPs in need of assistance.
Georgette Lopez-Aguado
Strategic Accounts Director, Sonar
Georgette Lopez-Aguado is a native of Fort Worth, TX. She began working in the ISP/OSS arena in 2016 and joined Sonar Software in 2017. In her current role as the Strategic Account Director, Georgette and her team are laser-focused on helping customers harness the power of Sonar through strategic partnerships. Connecting the dots is her super power.

Join us on Wednesday, April 26th, at 2:00 pm ET to learn how to prepare your business to secure funding.

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