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Inflation can significantly impact marketing budgets, making it crucial for Internet Service Providers to adapt their strategies to maximize return on investment (ROI). This webinar aims to provide valuable insights and practical strategies to help ISPs navigate inflationary challenges effectively. 

Join industry experts Ken Janc and Kurt Wolterstorff of Marketbroadband as they share strategies to optimize marketing budgets and maximize ROI amidst inflationary challenges.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and stay ahead in an evolving market.

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Key topics covered:

Understanding the impact of inflation on marketing budgets: Explore the effects of inflation on purchasing power and the rising costs of marketing activities.

Evaluating marketing priorities: Learn how to identify and prioritize essential marketing initiatives while optimizing budget allocation.

Leveraging data and analytics: Discover how data-driven insights can help optimize marketing spend and improve ROI and the importance of accurate attribution in marketing campaigns.

Adaptation strategies for changing market conditions: Explore innovative approaches to adjust marketing tactics based on evolving consumer behavior and market trends.

Building resilient marketing campaigns: Gain insights into creating flexible and adaptable marketing campaigns to withstand inflationary pressures.

Identifying cost-saving opportunities: Discover practical cost-saving techniques without compromising marketing effectiveness.

Mitigating risk through diversification: Learn how to diversify marketing channels and strategies to minimize the impact of inflation and increase resilience.

Aligning marketing goals with business objectives: Understand the importance of aligning marketing efforts with overarching business goals to maximize ROI.


Featured Speakers

Ken Janc

Founder/CEO of Lorex, Inc. – Est. 1995

Lorex is the engine behind MarketBroadband.com and other vertically aligned marketing services businesses. Developed GIS for Marketing Platform used for targeting difficult to quantify marketing areas typical of fixed wireless ISP’s. 15+ years specializing in direct mail and online, digital marketing for ISP’s.

Kurt Wolterstorff

Client Services with Lorex/Marketbroadband.com – 6+ years

25 + years in various Sales and Marketing Executive roles building and executing multi-channel, business development solutions.