As we approach a new year, there are many things you may look to improve in your business and marketing strategy to exceed your goals from the previous year. Since websites play an integral role in attracting new visitors and converting them into customers, that is a great starting point.

As most consumers are looking for information online that will help them make smarter purchasing decisions, it is essential to have a functional website that clearly defines your value proposition. Since your website is your company’s first impression online, keeping it up-to-date, easy to use, and well-maintained to stand out amongst the competition is imperative for long-term growth.

Redesigning or refreshing your website can be an exciting project but also a long and tedious undertaking. Whether you are overhauling your brand, want to make some functionality improvements, or add new products and services, having a clear vision is crucial to a successful redesign. While a website redesign can help fix an underperforming or stagnating website, it is always great to look at what others in the industry are doing successfully.

We have rounded up some great examples of what some Internet Service Providers are doing right when it comes to website design, clearly defining their value prop, and creating a positive user experience.


Transparent Pricing

There are many things to admire when it comes to Oxio’s website and branding, and one thing they do exceptionally well is clearly defining their value proposition. Oxio’s price transparency emphasizes value, not price, by visualizing what’s included in the plans before showing package prices.


Customer Testimonials

Displaying testimonials on your website is a very effective way to establish credibility and build trust. When you add customer quotes and reviews to your website, your customers help you tell your story. If you have a lot of positive feedback from your customers, consider including quotes throughout your website. Positive reviews encourage people to invest in purchasing your service and can lead to higher conversion rates.


Self-Service Customer Portal

Customer portals have many benefits for both the customer and your business as they are an efficient way to boost relationships and improve the customer experience. Most service providers offer a customer portal but fail to mention the benefits on their website. Techsavvy does a great job of positioning the value of a self-serve customer portal by highlighting the key benefits and branding the portal as Mysavvy Self- Serve Portal. This can be a highly effective way to stand out amongst competitors as it demonstrates that the company is focused on the customer experience.


Customer pain points

Making a good first impression on your website begins with identifying the pain points of your target audience. While a great deal of emphasis is placed on design when updating a website, one thing that’s often overlooked is the messaging. Sumo Fibers’ first headline speaks volumes to its target audience as they have identified that having an all-day connection is important to their potential customers and that they most likely experienced intermittent service with another provider.


Free Installation

Free installation may be more common today, but some Internet Service Providers still charge an initial setup fee. If your business offers free installation and no additional costs for setting up the customer, this is a must-have on your website. It is a great way to stand out amongst the competition, especially if they charge installation fees to the customer.


Price Match Guarantee

Every business or product needs a unique value proposition that sets its brand apart from the competition. In a highly competitive market, price matching may be an effective way to attract new customers and remain competitive. A price match policy can increase consumers’ trust in your brand because they believe your company has the best interest in their favor. Determining if having a price matching policy is right for your business is worth exploring as it may give you a competitive advantage. Check out the price match guarantee offered by Netflash.


Affordable Connectivity Program

The Affordable Connectivity Program is a U.S. government program that offers internet payment assistance to eligible households. USAC administers the Affordable Connectivity Program with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) oversight. In addition to helping existing customers pay their internet bills, the program can help attract new ones. Even though the program is only available in the United States, providing access to it on your website demonstrates a customer-centric approach.

With these website redesign ideas in mind, what is the first change you will make to your site to wow more visitors and convert customers?