Multi-Month Billing and Multi-Month Services

In Sonar, we allow you to bill customers in various ways. This video will help you understand the methods available to you within Sonar to bill in intervals greater than a single month.

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Flexible, automated billing complete with intelligent financial reporting tools

Centralize complex billing operations with Sonar’s advanced billing tools and business intelligence reporting. Automate revenue collection, automatically generate branded invoices and manage various tax implications across multiple jurisdictions with pre-built tax integrations.

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We provide all the tools you need to manage operations efficiently.

Customer-facing account portal
Contract management
Support for VoIP billing

Field tech mobile app
Job scheduling & monitoring
Elevation tool
GPS Tracking

Inventory tracking
Inventory assignment
Threshold alerts

Access to Sonar API
Provisioning tools
Monitoring tools & reports

CRM/Account management
Ticketing & support
Sales tracking

25+ Pre-built reports
Payments, refunds, reversals
Account churn, details, and issues
Tax reporting, and more!

At Sonar, we aim to help ISPs by providing industry-leading solutions focused on efficiency and profitability. Let us show you how we can help you with:

  • Billing & Finance
  • Field Service & Dispatch
  • Inventory & Procurement
  • Network Monitoring & Incident Response
  • Customer Service & Field Sales
  • Business Intelligence

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