Preseem is a cloud-based Quality of Experience (QoE) platform that gives regional operators the tools to understand and proactively improve the experience of their subscribers.

Using Active Queue Management, Preseem is a set-it-and-forget-it tool that empowers ISPs to manage their networks effectively without any complicated rules or geek knobs.

With Preseem, you get insightful data-based tools and metrics that show you the health of your network across all subscribers, access technologies, and vendors. Our system is designed to benefit each team at your company—from network operations, support, and sales and marketing, to finance and the C-suite.

We also have an API integration with Sonar that allows for smooth deployments and easy, effective workflows, while removing manual data entry!

Read on to learn about:

  • Automatic Access Point Capacity Management
    • Discover how our new set-it-and-forget-it feature automatically reduces latency on oversubscribed APs to save time, decrease manual work, and ensure your customers get a great experience during peak busy hours.
  • The Future of Fixed Wireless, Fiber and Hybrid
    • We offer a flexible, single pane of glass solution that can help improve subscriber QoE no matter what kind of network you’re operating. View our webinar for exclusive insights from WISP experts on adding fiber to your network diet.
  • Customer Success Story: techCONNECT
    • South African ISP techCONNECT credit Preseem with helping them to increase ARPU by 65% and MRR by 30%, while reducing truck rolls by 28%. Read our case study to find out how they did it.
  • Coming Soon to Preseem
    • Our product roadmap includes an upcoming feature called Plan Assurance that promises to help ISPs understand their networks’ ability to deliver a given plan speed while maintaining a great experience for subscribers.


Automatic Access Point Capacity Management

Our newest feature is Automatic Access Point Capacity Management, which we also refer to as the “easy button” for managing network congestion.

This is a hands-off solution that ensures fixed wireless operators can provide a superior quality of experience (QoE) to subscribers even when networks are at their busiest.

The problem that this specifically solves is when high latency caused by overloaded APs creates a poor experience for subscribers. When latency spikes, your customers really feel it and your support team starts to get slow-internet complaints.

Well, no more! Auto AP Capacity Management uses Preseem’s data-first approach to understanding the real-world performance of AP models, combined with local conditions and user behavior, to determine the bandwidth rate each access point can deliver while maintaining a superior subscriber experience.

The system then adjusts automatically and dynamically, considering configuration and environment changes on the AP, as well as customer usage patterns. This leads to lower latency at peak busy hours and on oversubscribed APs. It also saves time and removes manual work from the plates of busy network managers and support staff.

The Auto AP Capacity Management feature is vendor- and application-neutral. That means no artificial limits on specific applications like Netflix are required, and fair bandwidth allocation between subscribers on an AP is achieved in real-time. You just flip the switch, sit back, and let the system do its thing.

To learn more about this feature, how it works, and how it can help, view this webinar hosted by Preseem’s Chief Product Officer, Dan Siemon, and Senior Product Manager, Jeremy Austin.


Preseem for Fixed Wireless, Fiber, and Hybrid Networks

Fuelled by increased competition, customer demand, and state and federal funding initiatives like BEAD, fixed wireless providers have been adding fiber to their network diet in recent years.

During Preseem’s annual ISP Virtual Summit this year, we hosted a webinar on Fiber Networks, Fixed Wireless, and the Future. This session featured hybrid ISP operators discussing the challenges and rewards of building fiber networks, how fixed wireless fits into the future of internet delivery, and the importance of providing exceptional customer support.

Our panelists passed along their insights on some of the do’s and don’ts for fixed wireless operators looking to get into fiber, and emphasized the importance of adding fiber soon in order to remain viable in the future. You can watch the full webinar here.

Whether you’re a fixed wireless, fiber, or hybrid operation, the good news is that Preseem is access technology-agnostic. That means you can plug our QoE measurement and optimized plan enforcement into any network and start seeing results immediately. It’s that simple.


Here’s just a few of the ways Preseem can help fixed wireless, fiber and hybrid operators:

  • Single pane of glass to view subscriber information and metrics across all access networks—no more staring and comparing at different systems when trying to troubleshoot.
  • Providing a single point of integration means you don’t need to teach your Sonar billing system to talk to APs in fixed wireless, OLTs in fiber, etc.
  • Our latency measurement, queue management, and traffic shaping are applicable for all networks, and are proven to help improve subscriber QoE and satisfaction.

To learn more, visit the Fixed Wireless and Fiber pages on our website.


What Preseem Users are Saying

We love celebrating our customers’ success stories, not so we can toot our own horn but because our mission here at Preseem is literally “to enable local and regional ISPs to thrive, by solving network problems with products that people love.”

Our most recent example came from techCONNECT, a South African WISP that’s been using Preseem since 2018. They recently published a blog on their website called “Preseem: The Magic Pill that Saved Our Network,” and that certainly caught our attention 🙂

We decided to contact their technical director Arno Joubert to find out more, and he told us that, among other things, Preseem had helped techCONNECT:

  • Increase Average Revenue per User (ARPU) by 65%
  • Decrease truck rolls by 28%
  • Increase Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) by 30%
  • Reduce customer churn from 12% to 4% overall

You can read the full story here, and find out why Arno says that “other WISPs would be insane not to plug a Preseem box into their network.”


Coming Soon—Plan Assurance and WISPAPALOOZA

The next stop on the Preseem roadmap is our upcoming Plan Assurance feature. This will leverage Preseem’s unique global data pool to help ISPs understand their networks’ ability to deliver a given plan speed while maintaining a great experience for subscribers. Some of the questions that Plan Assurance promises to answer include:

  • Can AP X handle another 50 Mbps customer?
  • Can Subscriber X on AP Y be upgraded from 25 Mbps to 100 Mbps?
  • How many 25 Mbps customers can AP X handle right now?

These insights will be presented in plain language, enabling non-technical staff members to answer these historically difficult questions. We look forward to announcing the release of Plan Assurance in the near future.

We’re also looking forward to this year’s WISPAPALOOZA in Las Vegas. As usual, Preseem staff will be there in force and ready to chat with operators at our booth. If you’re attending this year, make sure to stop by and say hello! Also, stay tuned for an announcement on our annual pre-show get together and networking event.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Preseem can help your ISP thrive, book a demo, and see the system in action on a live network.