Creating and building brand awareness brings familiarity with your product or service to an audience. Having a positive relationship between consumers and other organizations makes a great impression. Promoting brand awareness will not only help with the growth of a business but also provides ways to differentiate in a unique way from competitors. 

Having a familiar slogan, attitude or message will make a business memorable to the public. This can be done through many marketing techniques such as social media, campaigns, promoting services, and more! Making a more personal connection will make a positive external impact. 

Brand awareness is defined as a marketing term where consumers recognize a product or service by its name. It gives people the ability to connect with your company and develop more of a relationship than just business. When more awareness is created, it promotes customer loyalty that comes from a sense of trust.

This blog will elaborate on ways to promote brand awareness and how you can take advantage of these propositions! 

1. Social Media

Billions of people worldwide use social media every single day. Using this outlet to promote your business increases the likelihood of your target audience coming across your brand. There are many platforms to use like instagram, twitter, linkedin, reddit and more. There are many ways to utilize social media from a business perspective. There can be promotions about an event or product, connecting with partners, giveaways, generating potential leads and more! Using social media allows your brand to have some personality and be personable to your target audience. The goal with it is to increase engagement that tells you people are listening and interacting with your content. It is a great way to communicate and develop a healthy reputation!

2. Blogs

Creating content that involves blogs allows your brand to deliver many different messages. As an ISP, your customers could utilize these entries for helpful tips, informational guides, updated product releases or anything else that is needed to share. The idea behind publishing blogs is to create conversational topics with an audience. Trying to create various topics that your audience will be interested in is ideal. A positive light that comes from blogs is bringing more traffic to your website. If more people are coming to read your blogs, you are promoting your brand behind the topic.

3. Co-Marketing

This strategy involves other companies working with your business as a partner. Seeking out a company that has products or services in your industry that can leverage your business would be beneficial. This practice can boost your brand awareness by promoting campaigns that have your company and your partners involved. For example: if you are co-hosting a webinar with another company, creating social media posts for both companies will grow your audience and reach. This also gives your company the opportunity to expand in other markets and demographics. Co-marketing can be a great way to promote your brand, as long as you are choosing partners consciously and wisely.

4. Events

Attending different tradeshows and conferences are great ways to call attention to your brand. It also allows engagement opportunities amongst your team and other attendees. Going as an exhibitor at an event gives you the ability to set up a booth and show what your company is all about! Having a space where people can approach you creates meaningful conversations. One great take-away from attending such events are face-to-face conversations. This gives you the ability to understand potential customers’ needs and gives your company the opportunity to support their needs. Events give you valuable time to network about your brand with customers, partners, grow business and develop impactful connections.

5. New Products 

Announcing new products or services is always exciting and can naturally grab an audience’s attention. Leveraging anything new allows the opportunity to create content on social media, blogs and ways to interact with others. This can be used as a competitive advantage by being unique and standing out to your audience. Having this value will set you apart and bring attention to your brand.

Engaging with your audience and generating more awareness of your brand will have a positive impact.  It allows people to understand your brand, personality and intentions. Using these tactics in a healthy way will build a great reputation. Being consistent with social media, blogs, co-marketing, events and new products/services will be favorable for your brand. These marketing efforts develop customer trust and loyalty that leads to personal connections. Now your brand has the power to make a positive external impact!