Simplify, streamline, profit.

Sonar provides a straightforward solution to the growing complexities of telecoms. Keep things simple, and focus your efforts on growth.

Reduce the burden of billing

Automated billing reduces the burden of revenue leakage, providing more flexible billing and more complex pricing tiers. Ultimately, you can create better value for your customers, with bundled packages of voice, data, TV, and other additional service add-ons.

Automate, simplify, and focus your efforts on higher-value work.

Save time and money with taxes

As telecom tax grows increasingly complex every day, it’s difficult to stay on top of new rates, rules, and technologies. With outdated systems, the problems can add up quickly, creating compliance bottlenecks and hindering growth. Why put your business at risk?

Our seamless tax integration modernizes your entire operation, improving billing transparency with precise jurisdiction identification. And the real bonus? You no longer need to worry about tax calculations and remittance. Because we automate that, too.

Provision on-demand

Manual provisioning is time-consuming, and hurts your bottom line. Simplifying your day-to-day provisioning tasks will increase productivity and greatly enhance customer experience.

Sonar’s robust API lets you provision on-demand, automatically assigning DIDs and configuring new accounts with ease. Remove the monotony of searching for the next available number. Automate it!

Unpack Sonar’s features

At Sonar, we knew the majority of ISPs were heavily dependent on archaic software as there were few modern solutions that understood the complexities of running a successful and fully scalable ISP. Guided by decades of experience and innovation, Sonar offers the industry’s most powerful management platform with rich features that are mission-critical to the daily work of ISPs.

Make Sonar your own

Our API allows you to sculpt Sonar to fit your needs. The GraphQL interface empowers you to integrate external systems at will. We also offer a selection of webhooks, meaning you can trigger external systems based on events inside Sonar.

  • Adaptable
  • Comprehensive
  • Developer-friendly
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