Network Mapping

How to find the right Network Monitoring tool for your Hybrid ISP

Monitoring your network is an essential part of operating a successful ISP. Whether deploying Fiber to the home or a Wireless point to multipoint system, the network must operate flawlessly to deliver products and services to the customer. As ISPs expand their network, network operators face an uphill battle when troubleshooting problems in large networks due to their complexity. [...]

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Automatic network mapping

Sonar 1.4 is coming soon, and the new major feature we'll be releasing is our automatic network mapping module. This module uses the Sonar poller to scan your monitored devices and build a real time map of links between devices, as well as determining which customers are connected to which network site.

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Sonar 1.3 out today!

Sonar 1.3 is out today, bringing a wealth of billing improvements. Our next major update, 1.4, will bring automatic network mapping and detection of parent/child relationships on the network. More news will be forthcoming about those features shortly. We are also well underway on our 2.0 update, which will bring a massive overhaul to many parts of Sonar [...]

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