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Training and Retention Strategies for Field Technicians

Field technicians hold responsibilities that help lead ISPs to success. Their everyday duties are heavily reliant on a business and customer stand point. They take on-site jobs and interact with the customers of an ISP. With managing on-site installations and repairing issues with technical equipment, field technicians influence the face of a company and take part in managing customer [...]

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Ways to Reduce Revenue Leakage

Revenue leakage is lost revenue from a business that could go unnoticed. In a case where revenue leakage occurs, many questions start to arise. There could be concerns in areas like accounting, sales, billing, or budgeting. Trying to get to the root of the problem could be a challenge. Any team would most likely take a deep dive into [...]

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Invoicing for Your ISP: Everything You Need to Know

Managing payments plays a huge role in any ISP business. Invoicing serves many purposes concerning your customers and your business finances. Knowing the ins and outs will make your payment process easy to keep up with. Invoices exist to help you demand payments formally and keep them organized. Having documentation will allow your business to keep records for possible [...]

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Choosing the Right ISP Billing System

An ISP billing system can serve many different purposes with regard to keeping track of payments and sales. Knowing what to look for when obtaining a billing system can be crucial, as your business has specific needs to be met. It is beneficial to use one not only for your business but also for your customers. Preventing errors and [...]

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Inventory Management KPIs that Internet Service Providers Should be Tracking

In a previously created guide, we showcased how you can use Key Performance Indicators to track the overall effectiveness of your organization, focusing mostly on customer satisfaction and customer support statistics. While that is a very common interpretation of how KPIs can be applied to support your business, it’s far from the only way. To maximize organizational efficiency and [...]

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Essential Field Service Metrics for Dispatchers & Field Technicians

As an Internet Service Provider, it is essential to keep up with your company’s key performance indicators, also known as KPIs. KPIs help with assessing many key factors within your business, such as when you need to hire more staff, expand your coverage, or perhaps extend your support hours. KPIs are productive indicators for keeping track of your [...]

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9 Things Every Internet Service Provider Should Automate to Save Time & Money

Operating an ISP can feel like an endless list of to-dos, emails, and mundane tasks that consume entire days. There are many businesses that place a large focus on the viability of their product, the efficiency of their employees, or the monthly recurring revenue without considering the most valuable resource; time. With Sonar, you have a partner to [...]

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Bundling for Growth: Service Add-ons to Increase ARPU

Attracting new customers to your service offerings can be a challenge, whether you’re an established player in the market or a new entrant. Balancing profitability with affordability is a delicate balancing act, but a necessary one to succeed. Some companies opt for rock-bottom introductory pricing, while others use referral systems to incentivize free promotion of their services. These [...]

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