Sonar reached version 1.0 at the end of 2016. On our path towards 1.0, we’ve brought over 150 ISPs around the world onto the Sonar platform, and we’re looking forward to the next 150!

Getting to 1.0 required us to meet a minimum feature set that we felt was needed in a comprehensive billing and OSS. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive to the features we’ve built, but there are a lot of features we didn’t complete due to time constraints, and I’d like to share our roadmap for 2017 with you now, which will take us towards 2.0 and completion of those missing features.

Before the end of Q2, we’ll be releasing three major updates. The first one will be an electronic contract management module, that will allow you to collect contract signatures electronically, as well as track contract expirations. The second will be a comprehensive update to our billing system, that will add many requested features, as well as simplifying a lot of complex tasks, and increasing the performance of the billing engine itself. The final update for Q2 will be a significant update to the network monitoring system, which will enable automatic detection of network topology, a geographical view of the network state on the map, and many more advanced monitoring features.

Before the end of 2017, we also plan to release a number of other modules. These modules will include a query reporting tool, which will provide a graphical interface to build custom reports, significant improvements to the CRM to enable more sales features, a project management tool, and many more minor improvements and changes. We will also spend time sifting through our customer requests list, to implement many of the great suggestions that have been made by our customers.

One aspect of reaching Sonar 2.0 is also maintaining our commitment to keep our platform at the cutting edge of technology. You can expect to see continued improvement to the user interface, as well as numerous performance improvements on the back end, and further improvements to our API – we’re keeping a close eye on technologies like GraphQL!

Sonar 1.1 will be out relatively soon, and will bring the first of these updates – the electronic contract management module. Stay tuned for videos and documentation on this feature as we get closer to release!