Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Do I have to host Sonar myself?

Sonar is hosted in the cloud. We handle everything - security, backups, and resource scaling. You can setup a new instance in 90 seconds or less!

Can I cancel if I don't like it?

Yes. You can cancel at any time. There are no long term contracts to sign or complicated terms.

Can I import my existing data into Sonar?

We offer a number of ways to import your data into Sonar. You can:

  • Work with us to perform an import for you.
  • Use our import tools to build your own import.
  • Use our API to create your own import.
  • Enter data manually.

How can I import data from my current system?

We're happy to assist you with an import. Get in touch with us and we can discuss. We also have an open source import tool available.


Does Sonar support pre-invoicing?

Yes, you can automatically generate invoices for a future date.

What kind of financial reporting does Sonar offer?

Sonar offers all the reporting you would expect - aged receivables, delinquent accounts, revenue and payment reports, and much more.

Can one account be responsible for another?

Yes, Sonar offers a master and sub-account function that allows one account to be invoiced for and make payments for another account.

Can I generate statements and invoices?

Sonar allows you to generate either a statement or an invoice for each customer.

Can customers pay their invoices online?

Yes, Sonar offers an online bill pay portal where customers can pay using their credit card or PayPal.

Does Sonar support my credit card merchant gateway?

Please get in touch with us to check which gateways we currently support. Generally, we can add a new gateway within a few days if we don't support the one you're currently using!

Can Sonar process bank transfers for my customers?

Sonar supports eCheck and ACH transactions. We support a variety of ACH formats such as NACHA and CPA 005.

Does Sonar support other payment methods?

You can enter payments such as cash, check, and wire payments manually. Sonar also supports other third party payment systems such as PayPal.


Does Sonar offer a rapid way to import inventory?

Yes, you can scan inventory into Sonar rapidly using a barcode scanner, or import inventory data from a spreadsheet.

Does Sonar support different types of inventoried items?

You can define all your own items in Sonar, and track any kinds of data for each item you need.

Does the Sonar inventory system support multiple assignees?

You can assign inventory to multiple physical locations, vehicles, employees, network sites, contractors, and many other types of assignees.


How do I provision my customers with Sonar?

Sonar supports multiple standards-based provisioning methods (DHCP, RADIUS, and LTE) as well as many proprietary methods for different manufacturers. You can also use the Sonar API to build custom provisioning methods. Through our API and webhook functionality, the possibilities for provisioning are limitless.

Does Sonar support both IPv4 and IPv6?

Yes, Sonar natively supports both IPv4 and IPv6 for any IP based functionality.


How does Sonar handle custom data?

Sonar allows you to define custom data fields to store any custom data you need.

Am I able to customize parts of the CRM?

Most items have types that you can modify. For example, you can create your own address types, account types, account statuses, and many other items. Between the types, custom data fields and the Sonar API, you are able to create a lot of automation and customization.

Can I mass email my customers?

You can create complex groups to send emails to - for example, all customers that are active, delinquent, are in a specific group, and have a specific service.

Can I easily report data from my CRM?

Sonar has multiple built in CRM reports. You can also utilize the API to get highly customized data, or we can work with you to build custom reports. Sonar also offers a real time search tool that allows you to find customer data that matches almost any criteria you can think of.


Does Sonar have an API?

Yes, Sonar has a full REST API and multiple webhooks. Documentation is available in our resources section.

Do you offer training?

We have numerous training materials available. Our Sonar Casts offer video tutorials on each section of Sonar. Sonar has a built in knowledge base you can reference. We can also offer customized on site or remote training.

I don't want my whole staff having access to all my data. Does Sonar offer a way to control access?

Yes, there is a comprehensive built in permission system that you can use to control access to each section of Sonar.

Will Sonar work on my phone and tablet?

We build the Sonar interface to be usable on and optimized for all modern mobile devices.

What browsers does Sonar support?

We support the most recent versions of all major browsers - Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Most other browsers will work as long as they are modern and updated.

Hosting & Pricing

How am I billed?

Each month, you are charged based on the peak number of active customers you had in your system in the prior month. Our pricing scale is published on the front page of the website. Our minimum service charge is just $100 USD/$135 CAD.

Is Sonar hosted in the cloud?

Yes, Sonar is hosted in the cloud. We handle everything - security, backups, and resource scaling.

How quickly can I get started with Sonar?

You can provision a new Sonar instance in under two minutes through the Sonar customer portal.

Is Sonar secure?

Absolutely - we take security very seriously. Each instance of Sonar is self contained, and access to your instance is very tightly controlled internally. You also have the ability to limit access to your Sonar instance to specific IPs, so that you can limit external access if desired.